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I Am In Love With A Muslim Girl


Apr 28, 2008
hmmmm ok.

Firstly I want to wish you both the best of luck.

It will not be easy and you have many obstacles ahead of you...but stick together, support each other and be there for each other and you can make it happen.

At the end of the day it is your life nobody elses-don't EVER let anyone tell you otherwise!

Me and my partner are both Sikh(but different castes) and my parents hated it. They did everything they could to stop it. And we gave in to them...but i'm begging you not to...don't make the same mistake I did...if you love her and she loves you thats all that matters. I regret not fighting harder and I lost him because of it-now I am miserable and lost.

Live your life the way you want to. All the elder people who might say something against it have lived their lives-now its your turn. All the younger people who say something simply tell them that it is none of their business what you do. You aren't telling them what to do or how to live their lives.


May 23, 2008

U'R answer is in our history , pleaSE READ and u will find u'r answer [ in our history when a muslim lady said to a sikh soldier she want's son like him from him he answered this is not possible but make me u'r son]

Rani Sandhu

Feb 8, 2009
Wait a minute...aren't you a little too young to even think about marriage, kids, family at this point...@Legumes I would say give your relationship some time....relationships mostly start good but needs time to build...but just keep in mind the religious differences too...b/c at the end the families of both sides might not be so happy about it....then again...all depends on the family....even though you both have different religious beliefs but you may find stuff in common as well...so just give it a try and see where it leads.....you have to try things to see results right....

Rani Sandhu

Feb 8, 2009
Kiran C Ji,

Being a parent is very hard, challenging and demands a lot....parents always wants the best for their children....they think they are right, and they know more than you...even if the child matures...parents still treate them like kids....that's just being a parent....but trust at times, it is not easy for them either when it comes to making the most important decisions for their kids.....I am not saying parents are always right..but they bring us in this world, raise us, provide all the neccessities of life...therefore in my opinion parents have every right to comment...but in your case....it wasn't done right....even though you both shared the same beliefs/values..just b/c the caste was different...you guys couldn't get married....that is a shame....we shouldn't even have castism in our marriage concept to start with..but ppl still follow it...it's just the culture or the environment they are brought up in....

Lucy Ahmed

Apr 28, 2008
Yes, yes...no problem at all as Halida stated here - as long as other family members do not get involved. :beatyoass:

Legumes, you are just too young to think of being serious. Why not just enjoy the friendship and time together. No need to make lots of promises, but have fun and share the good feelings with each other. You can show her the way you live, and surely she can learn something about your belief too. So take her to the gurdwara...to enjoy some of the good spiritual songs there, and later introduce her to the community meal of langar. It's real fun.:support:

So Halida, when are you two going to take the next step? How are your family members taking all this relationship business?

Cheers people.
If you believe there is God, then THERE IS GOD without any doubt.

Hi ,

To some religion is important . But alas the world has changed and we are allowed to find love amongst different races and cultures.

So the most important question is , could you both respect each other's religion , the diffrence in your upbringing and if in the future you both decide to get married, what steps will you take when it comes to children?
Anyway you guys have a long way to go. I am muslim but my boyfriend is Sikh. We have lot of thingsin common, so for us religion actually takes a back seat. We do debate and have our own opinions but the most important thing is to respect eachother's opinion and to acknowledge the fact that we are on the same side. As for children, if we decide to have them someday, will be raised under Sikism. I am not very thrilled by my own religion. So goodluck. listen to your heart and have some fun understanding each other.:)

Harry Haller

Panga Master
Jan 31, 2011
well heres my two pence

In my experience of relationships, whether sexual or not, it takes 3 to 5 years before you really get to know someone. As humans, we try and please our partners, friends, we put on pleasing personalities, we hide the things that make us look bad, its easily done, at 18, you are not going to be the same person that you will be at 25, and neither will she be, as much as I would like to say go for it, follow your heart etc etc, the reality of the situation is, what could well be a meaningless fling that ends up in separation , could hurt and upset an awful lot of people, so I am afraid you do not have the luxury of 'seeing how it goes', you both need to be as sure as you possibly can that this is not puppy love, its the real thing.

The real thing is worth fighting for, puppy love is not, I do not mean to sound patronising, but do not open a can of worms unless you are both sure, and that will be very hard to know at your age,

good luck


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
valentine_joseph ji

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