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Hurdles In Bandgi

Discussion in 'Sikh Sikhi Sikhism' started by simpy, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. simpy

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    (simpy previously Surinder Kaur Cheema)

    Mar 28, 2006
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    We all talk about Naam Simran, Reading and Singing Gurbani, Seva, Meditation and all the other practices, and often hear people say that “it does not work”. WHY????

    Naam Simran/Meditation Reading/Singing Gurbani is done to reduce all the activity of the mind to one(that is GOD/WAHEGURU/PARMATMA). SO THIS IS THE GOAL.

    myry mn eyks isau icqu lwie ]

    eyks ibnu sB DMDu hY sB imiQAw mohu mwie ]

    hir ieko dwqw syvIAY hir ieku iDAweIAY ]
    hir ieko dwqw mMgIAY mn icMidAw pweIAY ]
    jy dUjy pwshu mMgIAY qw lwj mrweIAY ]
    ijin syivAw iqin Plu pwieAw iqsu jn kI sB BuK gvweIAY ]
    nwnku iqn ivthu vwirAw ijn Anidnu ihrdY hir nwmu iDAweIAY ]

    We need to attune our mind to a totally different level, so that it becomes worthy of the Divine Grace(equilibrium/silence forever/pUrn AwnMd/ shj AvsQw…. ). It requires a lot of hardwork done in patience. Need to fight with the inner koor and kilbikh which has been ruling the mind from who knows when. We need to come under His Command. Need to make His Will our will, not the other way around. This will cut the ego and will help us on our path of Rightousness, make us aware of the Truth.

    hukim mMinAY hovY prvwxu qw KsmY kw mhlu pwiesI ]

    otherwise it is something like this-

    Awsw bMDI mUrK dyh ]
    kwm k®oD lpitE Asnyh ]
    isr aUpir TwFo Drm rwie ]
    mITI kir kir ibiKAw Kwie ]

    Sahaj Avastha happens with Waheguru ji's Nadar only, and our job is to become worthy of this Nadar.

    gurmuiK krm kmwvY ibgsY hir bYrwgu Anµdu ]
    Aihinis Bgiq kry idnu rwqI haumY mwir incMdu ]
    vfY Bwig sqsMgiq pweI hir pwieAw shij Anµdu ]

    Now- How we accomplish this GOAL:

    First, what stops us to reach this Goal? MIND, singing i i and i all the time, isn’t it……
    Mind is always in the way- chattering, trying to convince us this is not possible. As it is used to the old patterns for many many lifetimes.

    First we need to know about-MIND/BODY/SOUL connection- how to balance it.
    Then we need to know how to discriminate between-Truth and False.

    For all this and to accomplish our Goal we need a well thought out philosophy that can guide our daily life. Along with this we will do our Simran/meditation practice with a clam and quite mind.
    Both efforts assist each other. Meditation makes us calmer so we can adapt the new philosophy of life easily, our new life philosophy makes us more and more adaptable to the practice of Simran/Meditation.

    Now for both of these tasks we need to control our mind, our thinking process and our perception of our beliefs(ivcwr Dwrw).

    Controlling mind is not easy, we all know this…

    Controlling body is a bit easier. Controlling mind is like controlling a heard of stampeding elephants (msq hwQIAW dw JuMf)

    All day long as well as during the meditation our mind gives visuals/ideas of the problem areas of our lives. This is a clear indication that we are not ready for our Simran/Meditation
    Mind is suggesting- give me a chance to do what I been doing before.
    I want to relax(as this is totally a new behavior for the mind).

    Seems like a TOUGH JOB



    mn qUM joiq srUpu hY Awpxw mUlu pCwxu ]
    mn hir jI qyrY nwil hY gurmqI rMgu mwxu ]
    mUlu pCwxih qW shu jwxih mrx jIvx kI soJI hoeI ]
    gur prswdI eyko jwxih qW dUjw Bwau n hoeI ]
    min sWiq AweI vjI vDweI qw hoAw prvwxu ]
    ieau khY nwnku mn qUM joiq srUpu hY Apxw mUlu pCwxu ]

    Always remember Waheguru is everywhere, within and without. All your effort is not being unnoticed.

    myry mn Awsw kir hir pRIqm swcy kI jo qyrw GwilAw sBu Qwie pweI ]

    jo srnI AwvY srb suK pwvY iqlu nhI BMnY GwilAw ]
    hir gux iniD gwey shj suBwey pRym mhw rs mwqw ]

    To bring our life in divine order and our mind to a state of calmness(beyond all anxieties), we tame our mind. Mind is an instrument, Now our task is to use it in the right way.
    Make it a properly trained instrument..


    Things that will help us to develop that kind of intellect:
    1. Contemplation of Bani.
    Read, understand and then LIVE the teachings in real life.

    2. Company(sangat)
    Company(real or in mind) of Holy people, Saints, Holy Writings, Holy Books.

    3. Kirtan
    Singing Gurbani, Holy Songs.
    All the above three will bring devotion, trust, belief and unconditional love for God. Now is the Most important one:

    4. Watch your actions and reactions day and night.
    Become truthful, live truthfully, Practice truth, abide by truth, serve the truth. How that is possible- remember first pauri of Sri Japuji Sahib-
    ikv sicAwrw hoeIAY ikv kUVY qutY pwil ]
    hukim rjweI clxw nwnk iliKAw nwil ]

    So how we do it, by coming under His Command.
    To do that we need to know :
    What keeps us from becoming divinely truthful??????


    The deadly one. One of the five thieves. Effects all of us, especially the youth.
    If sexual activity and thought is limited to your spouse- no damage is done to the Spiritual practice, otherwise these actions and thoughts lead to ruins.
    auCilAw kwmu kwl miq lwgI qau Awin skiq gil bWiDAw ]
    So do not step out of that boundary. Naam does not work with this deadly desire.
    Eyes, mind, body, life everything becomes impure.
    REMEDY: Accept your misdeed. Ask for forgiveness from the person literally or mentally. Do this with pure heart. Mental apology is the best as you will remember it.


    Effects your stomach area. Mostly due to ego, whenever ego gets hurt, we get hurt emotionally and we become angry. Feelings are hurt……….
    It is the result of a hurt pride.
    REMEDY: Love ,Love all as much as you love God, as ALL IS GOD AND GOD IS ALL.
    When anger strikes- stop and relax, do not react right away. Make a motto- I am going to respond to every situation instead of reacting.
    If somebody opposes you in any manner, stop and think, always remember God is always teaching us, everything that happens in life brings a good lesson, does not matter through what and who and how-All IS GOD.
    Stop blaming others- others have nothing to do with your emotions:
    jYsw bIjy so luxY jyhw purib iknY boieAw ]
    Nimarata(humility) -more discussed in EGO about Nimrata…


    The worst one- seed for every other mental and physical diseases.
    The distance between Jeevatma and Parmatma is due to this enemy.
    haumY nwvY nwil ivroDu hY duie n vsih iek Twie ]
    haumY ivic syvw n hoveI qw mnu ibrQw jwie ]
    hir cyiq mn myry qU gur kw sbdu kmwie ]
    hukmu mMnih qw hir imlY qw ivchu haumY jwie ]
    haumY sBu srIru hY haumY Epiq hoie ]
    haumY vfw gubwru hY haumY ivic buiJ n skY koie ]
    haumY ivic Bgiq n hoveI hukmu n buiJAw jwie ]
    haumY ivic jIau bMDu hY nwmu n vsY min Awie ]


    haumY dIrG rogu hY dwrU BI iesu mwih ]

    REMEDY: Bring Humility(Nimarata)
    Clean Kitchen utensils(at home and at Gurdwara Sahib)
    Clean Shoes(Family and Sangat)
    Do Dandaut Bandana(if cannot do literally do it mentally) kir fMfauq punu vfw hy ]
    Clean Gurdwara

    The more humility the more Amrit. This practice of humility works the best with our eastern mental setup, as this has been pondered in our heads right from the beginning.
    Become Dassan De vi Daasdwsn kI hoie dwis dwsrI qw pwvih soBw hir duAwrI ]
    Consider everyone else higher than you. hoie sgl kI ryxukw hir sMig smwvau ]
    (be your spouse, son, daughter, mother, father, servant, boss, subordinate)
    Become lowest of the lowest, lower than a worm.

    In spiritual essence this way your lower Self is bowing to your higher Self(GOD).
    You become capable to see GOD in ALL.


    Moh/Love is bad, when it is selfish.
    e.g. If you love your neighbor’s daughter/son as much as you you do your own, now this love is free from attachment and expectations.
    Family concept is Moh based.
    REMEDY: Love all His creation equally.
    Develop single vision-Ek Drisht
    All are equal.
    To make your love for Akaal Purkh true love:
    Love all His creation as much as you love Him.
    Gurmukh see everyone with single vision.
    Gurmukh recognizes the Supreme Soul-the Lord pervading among all
    Always remember-myrw duK v`fw nhIN hY
    Start at home. Treat your family as Sangat-‘not my family’. This way the house will become Dharamshaal(gurdwara)- a place full of love, sacrifice and sewa. Gr Gr AMdr Drmswl

    This way you will start to realize and see God in all your family members, family disputes will start to disappear, you become ek drisht. Then extend this attitude to the outer world.
    Develop unconditional love………


    Greed to own and possess everything.-Money, Name, Fame……

    Grab and run mentality
    Becoming rich by hook or crook
    All this gives birth to bad means, bribery, dishonesty, cheating, hiding, lying, stealing, killing….

    Maya does it all. We keep doing it even after we know that nothing goes along after death.

    ijn@w AMqir loB ivkwru hY dUjY Bwie KuAwie ]
    jMmxu mrxu n cukeI haumY ivic duKu pwie ]

    REMEDY: SatSantokh, never long for more and more.

    As whatever is in store for you and more will automatically come to you. Always remember- ijin aupweI mydnI soeI krdw swr ]

    You can help Poor and Needy and help in for worthy cause with money and time.
    Practice dasvandh/tithing if believe in that, or give otherwise.
    Practice of sharing with others calms down the hunger for money, if it is done without any expectations.
    Same way is with name and fame- help others, do not consider you better than others by all means. Do not use your position to take advantage of others or to torture others.

    Once you have santokh, maya will start serving you, instead of you running after maya.


    S`k- s`B qoN v`fI ibmwrI

    Doubts keep arising until there is sense of duality. Doubts and discussions automatically ends with the self realization.

    And until then these have to be under check. They are like cracks in the foundation of the mansion of bandgi/Bhagti/devotion.

    Sometimes starting with little doubts- keep widening until the entire mansion falls down(or unless something is done to rebuild)

    Whenever you are unable to concentrate in naam Simran and/or there is negativity in mind, it is an indication that you are in doubt.

    REMEDY: Prayer and contemplation of Bani, Holy Books, Naam Simran. Bani reminds us of the reality again and again, as well as shows us the right way to handle it.

    Hopes and Desires-Aassa, Mansaa, Trishna

    When unable to achieve our desires, we become disappointed. Sorrow, Depression and all this follow us around. Why- As mind is constantly battling to achieve or accomplish these desires; one way or the other.

    Desires keep us away from the Almighty and Loop of Maya never ends.

    REMEDY: Prayer for the Desires-
    ieCw pUrku srb suKdwqw hir jw kY vis hY kwmDynw ]
    so AYsw hir iDAweIAY myry jIAVy qw srb suK pwvih myry mnw ]
    Believe that He is the Karta Purkh
    He will do the best-much better than I can think of…
    Pray and forget about the desires, leave the results on Him, HE KNOWS WHAT IS GOOD FOR US BETTER THAN US.

    Slander and Flattery/Ustat Nindayaa

    Negative Criticism and/or Praise beyond reality.
    ausqiq inMdw doaU iqAwgY KojY pdu inrbwnw ]
    and remember Sant(real Saint/Brahm Giani) ka Nindak never achieve liberation.
    When we do nindayaa we are slandering, criticizing Parbrahm Himself- as all is happening under His Hukam.
    When we do ustat-I(maya), other person(maya), whereas the worthy of the praise is He Himself the Karta Purkh.

    REMEDY: Believe others to be the creation of God. Trust that God resides in everybody’s heart. Consider ourselves Lower than the Lowest. Stay in His Hukam.
    If others are criticizing you-Find compassion, bless them and move along your day in grace..

    So by watching our actions and reactions, we become calm. Sat santokh, Nimrata, Humility are good weapons to fight for all the evils. Now as we have Devotion, Strong belief and a calm and pious mind, it is easier to Concentrate during Simran/Meditation as well as during Reading and Singing Gurbani.

    Tips on Simran/Meditation-

    -Start with smaller periods of time.
    Regularity-every morning, every 2/3 hours, every time -you walk to the mailbox/fetching groceries/ironing clothes/gardening/washing dishes-whatever suits your life style.. Regularity trains our mind to attend to one thought only(we learn by practice).
    -Periodically recall our purpose(communion with God) choose a word/phrase that reminds you again and again. Like:
    swis swis ismrhu goibMd ]
    -If during simran mind jumps to another object or thought, calmly and patiently bring it back to your object/idea of concentration.

    So make sure you understand that only thing you have to do during Simran/Meditation/Kirtan–keep the mind focused on one object/idea/thought-God/Waheguru/Guru
    No force, No tension, Be calm and open and favorably inclined to concentrate.

    And remember Bhai Gurdas Ji de bol-

    crn srin gur eyk pYfw jwie cl
    siq gur koit pYfw Awgy hoie lyq hY ]
    eyk bwr siqgur mMqR ismrn mwqR
    ismrn qwih bwrMbwr gur hyq hY ]
    BwvnI Bgiq Bwie kaufI AgRBwig rwKY
    qwih gur srb inDwn dwn dyq hY ]
    siqgur dieAw iniD mihmw AgwiD boiD
    nmo nmo nmo nyq nyq nyq hY ]

    Just a small effort from my part.
    forgive me please.


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  3. Archived_member2

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    Jul 18, 2004
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    Pray Truth for all and say Satsriakal!
    Dear all and Surinder Ji!

    The topic raised interests many. Let us discuss it.

    Quote "Naam Simran/Meditation Reading/Singing Gurbani is done to reduce all the activity of the mind one(that is GOD/WAHEGURU/PARMATMA). SO THIS IS THE GOAL."
    Please provide a reference where the Gurus have said so. I will be grateful.

    Quote "We need to attune our mind to a totally different level. We need to enter into silence forever."
    Did the Gurus ever suggest us to enter silence forever? Please give a reference from GurbAnee and oblige.

    I hope this comes out to be a great Satsang. Thanks.

    Balbir Singh
  4. lovely_silky

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    Feb 23, 2007
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    Surinder Bhenji,

    can you tell me which one of these kaam krodh etc comes under which Guna- rajo, tamo sato.

    thanks in advance
  5. OP

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    (simpy previously Surinder Kaur Cheema)

    Mar 28, 2006
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    Respected Lovely_silky Ji

    Sato Guna- Daya, Dharam(duty), Compassion, Patience, Discriminative intellect, Virtue, Courage, Truth, Integrity, Balance....
    Rajo Guna- Assa, mansa, Trishna, Duality, Self-centered, Ego, Melodrama, Fame-Seeking, Attention-Seeking, False vitality........
    Tamo Guna- kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh, Hankaar, Blind faith, Lazyness, Carelessness, Lack of Purpose, Unethical Attitude ......

    forgive me please
  6. Jasbir Kaur Khalsa

    Jasbir Kaur Khalsa
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    Mar 21, 2007
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    Waheguruji khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh
    I think hukam hai naam japo. This is what we should be doing . Guru ji is perfect and living Guru.Guru guides all the way long. Naam japnaa piaar naal .Shabad itself takes u to the avastha that u should be. One has to have Parteeet in Guru and naam (Guru bakhshia naam). It is alwys wrong saying u reach no where if u read bani. listen or do kirtan .Prabh ghaaliaa kisee kaa ik till naa gavvaaee.So let us start rightaway the simran and ask for guruji's mehar Bhul chuk khima karnee ji Jasbir kaur Khalsa
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