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How Tall Guru Gobind Singh Ji Was? Anybody?


Sep 16, 2004
Dear Friend ,

I was jsut surfing through a very interesting Sikh Blog where somehow the issue of height of Guru Gobind Singh ji came up
Guess what , many people had opposing ideas about it .

Personally I have read in Sikh history that Guru Hargobind Singh Ji was really Very tall and so was Guru Teg Bahadar Ji but I have no clue about the Most Chrismatic personality of indian History ( Guru Gobind Singh JI)

One of the poster on the site nicknamed (G) posted something interesting I would liek to share

Comment written by ( G )

Guru Gobind Singh Ji's exact height was 5 feet, 4 point two inches.

It is a well established fact of history that Guru Gobind Singh ji was not very tall, but he had extraordinary , superhuman, strength, stamina and wisdom.

He usually breathed after one minute and he could weild two swords so swiftly that no arrow could strike his body while he weilded the swords.

Guru ji wrote 1435 pages of gurbani in Dasam Granth, which is almost equal in size to 1428 pages of guru granth sahib. Although Guru Gobind Singh only lived until the age of 42 years, he produced more bani than all the 9 gurus combined produced in 9 lives.

Guru ji had long arms, thats true.

Ranjit Singh ruled from 1801 to 1839. Guru ji died in 1708.

According to you the witness to Guru ji's height was 100+ years old, which means he had barely born when Guru ji died in 1708. .

Considering that the witness was summoned by Ranjit Singh immediately after his emprorship cerimony, in 1801, the witness would be only 1 year old in 1702 and perhaps only 7 year old at Guru ji's death. At this age a child does not even remember his own height and everyone looks tall to child because the child is short at this age.

For this reason, the Testimony of a child in the matters of measurements is not reliable in courts.

However if Ranjit Singh summoned this witness after 5 years of his emperorship,that is, in 1806, then the witness was only 2 years old at the death of guru ji in 1708. It is impossible for a 2 years old child to gauge heights or even remember if in fact he could measure.

Your assertion "very tall" does not assist history". History ought to have some precision in such important claims.

Also Bhai Veer Singh, whose text you quoted was a poet and theologian, not a historian. He had both traditional and formal education. He was a high school graduate of 1891 from Christian Mission School and most excellent poet and novelist. He was a higly placed literary figure.

What other people on the forum have to say about it

Jatinder Singh
Jul 13, 2004
Without any comments on height etc.. I would like to bring attention to the following:

"According to you the witness to Guru ji's height was 100+ years old"

100+ is not something unusual, in old times. There are many accounts in history and mythology where people lived much much more than current normal living age.

Regards, Arvind.

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