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  1. K

    General World's Leaders Don't Stand So Tall

    http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/story?id=5314996&page=2 The giants of world politics are assembled in Toyako, Japan, for the G-8 summit this weekend, but while they may be big-time players, most of them wouldn't stand out in a crowd. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, center, U.S. President...
  2. simranjeetsinghsimmy

    Jessica Was Killed By A Tall Sikh?

    Gur Fateh Sadh Sangat Jeo I came upon this news item today and wanted to share it here with you. I feel it is just another government tactic to malign Sikh Community. It is so shameful on the part of Indian Government. Waheguru Sabh Da Bhala Karan... Simranjeet Singh SENIOR...
  3. drkhalsa

    How Tall Guru Gobind Singh Ji Was? Anybody?

    Dear Friend , I was jsut surfing through a very interesting Sikh Blog where somehow the issue of height of Guru Gobind Singh ji came up Guess what , many people had opposing ideas about it . Personally I have read in Sikh history that Guru Hargobind Singh Ji was really Very tall and so...
  4. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    Tall Tales Masquarading As "history" Must Be Discarded

    How the “ Taksali Gyanis” make their fortunes and make us fools.. Tall tale of Baba Budha Ji’s Var/Sraap..and Birth of Guru Hargobind Ji…. Who hasn’t heard of the Sakhi that Guru Kian nu Bhaajrra paiyaan te Baba Budha Ji kolon var ate sraap dovenh leake hee Guru hargobind Jee da janam...