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How Natural Laws And Principles Make Creation Serve All


Jun 1, 2004
How Natural Laws and Principles Make Creation Serve All

The peace, harmony, serenity and tranquility in the vastness of days, weeks and months is sustained in the natural cycle, running yearly, and in a divine way. Shri Guru Nanak says that all the joys and sorrows are the fruit of our own thoughts and actions. These fruits always come as a milestone while learning the Art of Ascendancy or evolution on the path of devotion, duty and dedication, and thus spiritually walking on the Divine Path.

Here "walking" is doing everything by all of our body, mind, heart and soul as in the Spirit.

Now, the Spirit is one and we all as souls are various parts of the same body, the Spirit. It is as if one as a soul is a drop of the sea of consciousness, thus spiritual in our daily life. The spiritual and holistic have the same meaning. When we talk about a flower, we also consider the plant with its roots, branches, leafs and thus the entire plant.

Thus, the holistic or spiritual means considering a human body one unit without any parts that otherwise make it just good looking eyes, beautiful face, long hands, and so many adjectives, our purpose is to recognize one as a human. This is sense of equality that make us look at others spiritually. It unites all and thus the universe seems the holistic with sun and earth just a tiny part it, but one.

When we are one with nature or universe we are as if nature or universe. Otherwise, we seem and feel alone. This oneness with the God or Spirit makes one enjoy the sea-the drop of water taking bath in the sea feels as the sea feels.

The Supreme Consciousness, God, has made our body a temple of ten doors worshiping Him naturally by following natural laws. The tenth door is the Pineal Gland, the gate (Third Eye) to the universe.

We, as the devotee, pray by our intellect and this intellect is like a wife, who seeks to unite with the husband, as divine wisdom present in His Divine Play or Leela. At soul level or spirituality or even in the holistic sciences, the intellect and wisdom become one as the river and sea at one stage become one, when a river surrenders to the sea. He Himself being the creator is the Purush (also spelled as the Purusha) or Purkhu; the Spirit or the supreme soul, while whatever is created is Female; His very own energy in the visible form.

This Power of God as the Maya has two forms and three qualities. One is the Positive Form the Laxmi (the Creative Power of the Nature and thus the Universe) and the other is the negative, the Kulaxmi. The two forms are has the three qualities namely, the Sato Guni (Sattvic-The Quality of Truth), Rajo Guni (Rajsi-The Quality of Wish) and the Tamo Guni (Tamsi-The Quality of Desire), which is not a major part of our discussion, so we will discuss it separately.

These energies work according to His Will as His Shakti, always transforming the evolution, again repeating that He empowers these with His eternal wisdom, as the husband (powerful, but not forceful) the observer companion. By seeking guidance from the divine ones, Lord (Guru) and the holy congregation, one attains the wisdom, joy and bliss with the imperishable beauty through Art of Ascendancy or evolution of the soul.

The soul seeks to reunite with the Spirit. The Maya (Negative Power of Nature) does not let it feel detached from the Illusion. We do not have any attachment with the Maya, but we strongly feel and believe it. Thus, we suffer. We may make one attempt and God makes millions for it in return. If we take one step, we need to enjoy it as if it is from His Will.

How we can offer thanks to God and Nature needs a little effort. As said before, it is a our taking of one step, a step for our spiritual development and evolution, that invites God and His Creation unite with us–as if they take millions of steps for us for thanking us just for taking one step, is not it, but why? God loves us and waits for our decision as we all have free will to accept or reject anything. However, we all know as Saint Paul says that the Law is written even on the hearts of Gentiles, those, who do not believe in God. Simply following the natural laws and principles can help us to serve the natural world.

Let us give it a try.

Thanks for your reading it!

Dr. Harmander Singh
Counselor, Writer, Life Coach
Patiala, Punjab

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