How Gurbani Distinguishes Between Sharing By Talk Vs. Sharing Experience


Jun 1, 2004
Learning and earning by oneself gives one a rare eligibility to walk on the Divine Path of the soul, or spiritual evolution; Naam Japna is not mere repetition of words (chanting) rather it is obeying what the word according to Gurbani says. As a flower distributes its smell, so is what the Gurbani says, sharing virtues and merits while ignoring the demerits present among us– the very purpose of attending the congregation whether of two or many.

It is to be remarked here that it does matter that we share; as sharing words not as sharing of meaning, still higher is to share our experiences. It seems that the reason such sharing is said to be talk or conversation at knowledge or intellectual level; but exchange of experiences at the philosophical or spiritual level and communing of a soul with the Spirit, is to share at the divine or metaphysical level.

At the divine level, the word emerges back to its meaning; there remains only wordless feeling–the Supreme Conscious, the Conscience in the Omniscience way, as the source of word, meaning, feeling, and the major factor of what we humans can experience. The Supreme Conscious, which works in all of nature, works in its image in us as our conscience, the inner voice or the voice of soul.

Our running too fast to achieve whatever we desire without discerning among the needs, desires and greed, gives us less time to pursue the inner development or learning, and mastering the Art of Ascendancy. We seek the tree and forget the seed from which it grows–the very relation between the matter and the spirit.

How we Make an Error: We waste or dissipate lots of our energy and time in maintaining our modern standards of livelihood and its professional demands at the cost of personal living.

We seem to live our personal lives professionally as the greatest of Sikh philosophers and mystic and enlightened scholars, Bhai Gurdas Ji says: “We are getting astray from standards of human life by being professional in every relation, and bond to such an extent that our value system is corrupted by ignorance.”

It is sincerely requested here that whenever we talk about Gurbani, its Divine Path and obeying it, we need guidelines as described by Gurdas Ji. If one opens the lock without the key, we do not honor such an action and would not hesitate to label it as a theft.

In the same way, it seems that we forget sometimes that Shri Guru Arjan bestowed blessings on Varan (the spiritual teachings) by Bhai Gurdas Ji as the Key to Gurbani (the teachings of various religions as one, metaphysically and mystically).

We always seem in need to stop at this spiritual milestone of Divine Path of Sikhism, by referring to Him, God. There is no doubt about the level of our present knowledge, yet without the key of wisdom, we cannot have the discerning power.

Thus, the Sikhism and the Gurbani signifies the importance gaining the discerning power as the self learned and earned mystic wealth, the personal asset-the key to Wisdom.
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