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How "God" Introduced Himself On This Earth?


Cleverness is not wisdom
May 2, 2010
How "God" introduced himslf on this earth?
What was or are the means?

Dear Jasdir Ji

I would say God was always there and it was/is down to humans to reconnect with God

But you may find this link interesting:

I read this book many years ago ..not particularly easy going but worth the effort! So at one point in my younger years and after reading this book, I believed God did not exist either!

The author's main premise is that the World's great religions all developed out of a need to counteract violence ...empires were forming, difference were being recognised, territories being claimed etc

So religion was one way to turn away from the violence and not ultimately kill each other to extinction!
Karen Armstrong
More about here:

Very interesting individual actually.....

Seeker9 ji,
Firstly: Thank u so much for the so good & intresting book
I respect Her, even U also,

Trust me there is also something beyond seeing & hearing,
Almost impossible to proove in words,

"I" was also the same person like U never belived in the Creator,
But! How can i proove U, (impossible)

Never belive that this knowledge is full & final,
Beware! "Mind" always use to cheat like this,
Do not belive the "Mind" for a sec,

Belive me!, i can only say that, Please don't stop, don't look after anybody (even me), Use your heart not mind, Read more books, try to collect more knowledge, be a positive thinker towards the creator, or even cry in front of the creator, or claim the creator to give his true knowledge,

I am sure that one day.................. (i will not say now),
I hope we will have good contats in future,
Till than,
Respect u too much,
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