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How Did We Come To Be Known As Sikhs?


Fateh Ji to all,
My question to all is about the origins of how the word Sikh came to be what we are called. I am all to familiar with the word sikh being derived from Sisya, a sanskrit word meaning disciple or learner. I am also familiar with how it relates to our identity to be ever mindful of learning from life. My question is different.

How did the word 'Sikh' come to be used by the Gurus and/or the sangat/pangat? Is there a sakhi about this? Did the gurus choose this word or did the panth choose this?

Please forgive me if this has already been discussed. If so, could someone please provide links to the proper thread or even articles or books that are related. I have spent the past evening searching for an answer to this question on the internet and have had no success.

Fateh Jio!
Tripat Singh