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How Can A Sikh Sing Vande Matram?

Jul 30, 2004
Yesterday we had so called Hunderd years of National Song of India Vande Matram ben celebrated.
It is part of Anand Math Novel and that is by Bankin Chandra Chaterjee(Chatopdhyaya to be more clear Bangle Brahmin gotra).
As per it and this true also Sanyasis(hermits) did carried out revolt to overhtrow Muslim Nawab who was apuppit of Britishers.
Das just want to add that during that time ,with little bit gap there was similar revolt by Sufis also in Bengal,which novle does not mention.
Coming to the song.Hindutva guys say that in democratic set up of india as mark of partriotism it must be made compulsary for all to sing it.
As per them all nations in world should do this for thier songs.They even try to say that it happens in other countaries.
Muslims have oppsed it,Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Managemtn Commitee also oppsed this compulsary thing.But SGPC first oppsed then backtracked.Das still rembers the same guys of Akali Dal Badal once walking out of govt. function when Sarswati Vandan was made.
Singing and just stadning in respect are two differnt things.Say when Deh Shiva var Mohe is sung.Hindus are expected to stand in respect.So till Sarswati Vandan was not forced unto them or Vande Matram is not force onto us,it could be OK to stand in respect with other comrades.
But what aout making it compulsary?
As per Gurmat as it is in Islam,shirk or worshipping any thing else but Akal is not text so far das saw in Gurmat,ever said to have saying India as Bharat Mata.Yes earth is told as Mat Dharti(Salok at end of Japu ji Sahib)but Wandana term is used for Akal.Bandana Har Bandana but never for land.
Even when some one thinks of house he is told to be rebron as ghost(Verse unto Devotee Namdev Ji).It is further strange that in past Sikhs protected India while saying the name of Akal.Andn that wass better then those who said victory of Bharat Mata.Das owns a house he is told to take care of it.
It will be foolish for him to do wroship of house and wate timea nd resources.It could more follish when worship is done ,when house is in trouble.
Das has seen that in foregen countries there are various nation anthem in UK long live the queen is song but das fails to see worshipping the nation concept.They are no where less in patriotiism.We have seen in west say in USA,how did fire fighter did partriotic sacrifise in trade tower attack or say during a highjack of plane from pensyvania.And how UK force acted in creeamia war or say falklands.
Where as if we see recrods of Hindutva foces
we have
1.Kandhar highjack
2.death of 125 Amarnatyh pilgrims(Moonsoon 2000).
3.fiasco of operation Prakram and later calling in of Agra summit(stoping to highest).
Then same guys worship Cow but same cow in same country eats garbage and dies of eating polythene.
Same guys worship Ganges but put sevage in that.
so worshipping some thing does not means that that has been served also.
So better is to serve then just getting satisfied with worship.
As in hindus elemetns of natures are worshiped and Bharat Mata is actual godess of recenlty made qusi faith Hinduism.So das can respect thir feeeling.
But beeing as a Sikh for das.Har Ji Mata Har Ji Pitah,if we have Mata refer to Akal,then Das can Say Vande Matram(Akal as Mata) else in the name of patriotism belivers(Be it Sikh or Muslims) are been forced to join hinduism and its ritual.Das sees Vedas which also tells to go after God and not the worldy thing.Earth is only one elmenent of five basic worldy elements.
Das heard fake Akalis saying if you have to live in India,you will have to say Vande Matram(during Rath Yatra of Mr Advani 1990).Das,then as Hindu was happy.but now as a Sikh das finds it more a trap of mammon of worldy things.
for das only worship is to be done of Akal,who is in all and thta could be done by serving them practically then just making non sense issuies.

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