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    Vande Mataram Un-Islamic, Say Clerics

    Vande Mataram un-Islamic, say clerics Muslim clerics on Tuesday reiterated that singing of the national song Vande Mataram was “un-Islamic” and hence they could not recite it. Addressing a gathering of over 10,000 Muslim clerics on the last day of the three-day conference of the...
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    How Can A Sikh Sing Vande Matram?

    Gurfateh Yesterday we had so called Hunderd years of National Song of India Vande Matram ben celebrated. It is part of Anand Math Novel and that is by Bankin Chandra Chaterjee(Chatopdhyaya to be more clear Bangle Brahmin gotra). As per it and this true also Sanyasis(hermits) did carried out...