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Sikhism Historical Dictionary Of Sikhism By W. H. McLeod


Jun 1, 2004
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Author: W. H. McLeod

Customer comments on this Sikhism Book

More than just a Dictionary
The Historical Dictionary of Sikhism provides information on the Sikh religion, its history, culture and its principles and practices. As the name suggests, the book is organized by entries in alphabetic order with an explanation for each key entry. It has an extensive introduction and a chronology of Sikh history from the birth of the founder, Guru Nanak in 1469 to the turmoil in the Punjab until 1992. The Dictionary is complemented by an extensive Bibliography of over 100 pages.
I find the book to be informative, well organized and an excellent starting point for further readings into Sikh religion and history. As a dictionary ought to be, it is also a valuable reference work. I recommend it highly.
The author, W. H. McLeod, is a New Zealander and has written extensively on Sikh history, religion and sociology. Some of the other books he has written include Guru Nanak and the Sikh Religion, The Evolution of the Sikh Community, Early Sikh Tradition and Who is a Sikh?

Historical Dictionary of Sikhism - Buy from Us
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