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  1. TheSikhRenaissance

    The Inauthenticity of Sanataan Sikhi

    In 1994 Harjot Oberoi published his 'The Construction of Religious Boundaries.' The entire book is a disingenuous attack on Sikhi, the Sikh identity and the Sri Guru Granth Sahib under the veneer of academia. It catalyzed in him shamefacedly quitting his university endowment and hightailing it...
  2. spnadmin

    Udasis (An Article By Hugh McLeod)

    The Udasis by Hugh Mcleod The Earliest of these sects is unquestionably that of the Udasis, though its importance is historic rather than contemporary. Modern sikhism is generally opposed to asceticism and for that reason alone it has little place...
  3. Admin

    Jaap Mcleod Talking About Jaap Sahib

    Mcleod has written a number of books on Sikhism, he completed his doctorate many years ago, and has published a number of books since. In one of his recent publications he writes: "The style of Jap is simple in the extreme, consisting solely of words testifying to the awesome greatness of Akal...
  4. spnadmin

    Hew McLeod: Television Documentary Of His Life, Sikhs And New Zealand

    A 4 part series illustrated with archive footage, photographs and the religious art of the Sikhs. It includes interviews with family, academics and New Zealand Sikhs.
  5. Admin

    The Passing Of Hew McLeod

    Having battled courageously with cancer for seven years, W.H. McLeod had a fall and succumbed to his injuries on July 20, 2009. Known to be a caring family person, a generous teacher, and an outstanding scholar of the Sikh tradition, McLeod will be missed by family and friends spread around the...
  6. Archived_Member16

    W.H. Mcleod

    Sikh historian from New Zealand passes away Jaideep Sarin - Tue, Jul 21 01:00 PM Chandigarh, July 21 (IANS) The man from faraway New Zealand who came to Punjab in the 1950s as a Christian missionary but ended up being a globally-reputed historian on Sikhs has passed away. W.H. Mcleod, who...
  7. V

    A Discussion Of McLeod And The Kartarpur Bir Controversy: A Second Look

    Re: Sabd Guru on Sword (ਖੜਗੁ/ਖੰਡਾ) Dear Tony Ji, The Sikh scholars have a fear of their job or being excummunicated from the faith by SGPC-so they get scared in coldly disssecting the questions being raised. Two years ago I visited a friend in Halifax, England where he requested me to...
  8. S

    Sikhi: McLeod And HIs Works

    Discovering W.H. McLeod and His Work on Sikhism Baldev Singh It seems an interesting read. Baldev singh vs. Mcleod when Mcleod is not present. I have not read the full report.Fairly lenghy to be read on internet. One may get the print out/hard copy and then study the full report. pl...
  9. Akashdeep Singh

    How McLeod Became “one Of The Foremost Scholars” Of Sikh Studies?

    W. H. McLeod has been wrongly painted as the expert on Sikhism and his Ph.D.theses (later published in the form of a book) has been cited by many who choose to adulterate the philosophy of Guru Nanak and confuse the Sikhs. Ever wondered how this person survived to write a thesis full of mistakes...
  10. Admin

    Sikhism Historical Dictionary Of Sikhism By W. H. McLeod

    Historical Dictionary of Sikhism - Buy from SPN Published: November, 1995 Our price: $65.50 List price: $65.50 Usually ships in 1 to 3 weeks As of: August 06th, 2005 10:45:21 PM Author: W. H. McLeod Customer comments on this Sikhism Book More than just a Dictionary The Historical...