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Canada Hindu And Sikh Groups Want Fireworks Bylaw Changed For Diwali


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Hamilton’s Hindu and Sikh communities are looking to change the city’s fireworks bylaw to accommodate for Diwali, the “festival of lights.”

While thousands of Hamiltonians every year celebrate the Hindu holiday, the current bylaw restricts the use and sale of family fireworks to Victoria Day, Canada Day and the two days before and after those holidays. The sale of fireworks is limited to the seven-day period before the holidays.

Local community members are looking to change what they are calling an outdated regulation.

“The definition is called ‘festival of lights.’ Without that component of light, Diwali has no or very little meaning,” said Nithy Ananth, president of the Hindu Samaj Temple of Hamilton and Region.

“I think people who (have cultural celebrations) ... make the Canadian culture rich,” said Budh Dhillon, who is a member of the Baba Budha Ji Gursikh Temple. “It’s safe to have firecrackers on Victoria Day. It’s safe to have them on Canada Day. Why can’t we have them on another day?”

Dhillon and Stoney Creek convenience store owner Baljit Grewal put in a request this week to speak with the city’s economic development and planning committee on expanding the current bylaw to allow for the sale and use of family fireworks around Diwali, which falls on Nov. 5 this year.

It’s been an issue the community has been discussing with city officials for the last five to seven years, Ananth said. The city has allowed both the Hindu and Sikh temples in Hamilton to use sparklers on Diwali in recent years, but this form of pyrotechnics “is just for kids,” Ananth said. - BreakingNews - Hindu and Sikh groups want fireworks bylaw changed for Diwali

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