Leisure Hikers UNITE! )

I fell in love with Hiking in the military, from the forests of the High Sierras in California or 29Palms in the deserts of California to the petrified forest in Yuma Arizona I love it all. I love the wilderness and try to get away as much as possible. Since leaving the military I hike in the Sequoias/Kings Canyon NP or Ynez National Park often, if anyone is in Santa Barbara county or Fresno country let me know, I would be more than delighted to teach you the necessary skills to go on your first day to over night camping trip :blueturban: Now I am in the process of planning a 211mile hike on the John Muir Trail and can't wait! If there are serious hikers and would like to join PLEASE send me a message or let me know. Now Question time, I am fairly new to Sikhi my question is what does Sikhism teach about Nature. For me it's my place to go when I want to be at peace, to find god.

Gracias ;)


JSingh Ji - I would love to join but i am on the east coast and you are on the west. I hike on the Appalachian Train and usually do weekend trips from Friday Night to Sunday afternoon. I have met people on the trail who do all 2175 miles - SOLO and live on 50$ a week budget.

You can send a personal message with your email and i will stay in touch.

Question time, I am fairly new to Sikhi my question is what does Sikhism  teach about Nature. For me it's my place to go when I want to be at  peace, to find god

Sikhism teaches us that GOD / VAHEGURU is everywhere and to live a Grehast life (family life) not to be ascetic and run away from life. Basic principles of Sikhism are Kirat Karni ( to do work -honest living ), Vand ke chakna ( to share one's earnings with less fortunate ) and Naam Japna ( meditate on the name of God / Vaheguru ). These were the basic principles of Guru Nanak Dev Ji - the founder of Sikh Way of life. As far as Nature is concerned - we have to live in Harmony with Nature and respect it.

I hope that clears up some of your quest and would love to go on trail and talk more about this .............

Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
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I wish I was in the USA as I am never so happy as when hiking! That was one of the reasons I moved to New Zealand and wished I could have stayed there. Lack of hiking since returning to the UK is one of the things affecting me most.

For me personally nature is one of the biggest ways I connect with Waheguru. When I see the creation I am awed and humbled. When I am in a quiet place surrounded by beauty I feel connected to my spiritual self and hence Waheguru. Nature inspires me as a person and in my spirituality. Having travelled so much has also made me more determined to do what I can to protect the planet and the delicate balance we live in as I fear we are on the road to destruction.

Nature is Waheguru. We are lucky we can still enjoy it! ikonkaar
ah dude! I totally understand with needing your dose of nature :D someone I really respect and admire (John Muir) said "In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks." I def agree! Sometimes I think how beautiful Punjab must have looked during the time of the Gurus. How Guru Nanak surrounded by beautiful trees prayed to Waheguru. I think we must respect Nature just as much as we respect and love life. It's very sad we are on the road to destruction... I just pray people open their eyes before it's too late.

"The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness."