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  1. J

    Leisure Hikers UNITE! )

    I fell in love with Hiking in the military, from the forests of the High Sierras in California or 29Palms in the deserts of California to the petrified forest in Yuma Arizona I love it all. I love the wilderness and try to get away as much as possible. Since leaving the military I hike in the...
  2. Admin

    Sikh News Out On Foot To Promote The Outdoors

    KUALA LUMPUR: Two men want to promote "the great outdoors of Malaysia". The two, Dya Singh, a Sikh musician based in Melbourne, and Vikram Singh (formerly Vic Briggs), a former member of the 1960s pop band The Animals, will walk from here to Malacca from May 15. Both musicians, who are in their...