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Controversial Heart And Soul (from BBC, Story Of An Honour Killing, Listen Online)


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Heart And Soul

Fame, Blame And Shame

Listen at this link
BBC - BBC World Service Programmes - Heart And Soul, Fame, Blame And Shame, Episode 2

Naziz Bains married into a devout Sikh family and was expecting to lead an uneventful life as a wife and mother.

But her world was turned upside down when her sister-in-law fell victim to an honour killing - committed by her own family, who felt shamed by the young woman's behaviour.

For Naziz, this posed a terrible dilemma.

Should she toe the family line, or tell the police what she knew?

The choice she made destroyed her marriage and standing in the
community, and meant that she had to live in fear of being killed in revenge for years.

In conversation with Michael Ford, Naziz tells her story for the first time.
Photograph: The Sikh scriptures contain nothing that condones honour killings.
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