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Hairs And Sikh

Jul 10, 2006
Dear theromyss, your post reminds me of


Bhai Taru Singh (born c. 1720 , died 1745)


Jun 15, 2007
Hello Kaur

Thanks for your reply!

your reply makes me think that you have misunderstood me, like most of the people do. whatever i wrote up there in the post is a truth and the photo in your reply is a bigger truth, a symbol of sacrifice, love and commitment.

Now let me ask you a question. Do you really think that 'hair' was the only issue in the photo that u sent me. No i dont think so. Moghuls wanted our freedom, they wanted to strip us off of our pride, our commitment our principles and many more things which makes the foundation of sikhi. And let me tell you one thing, no physical love to hairs will give you the courage to undergo that kind of atrocities, its the love towards our gurus, love towards the ideologies of guruji and commitment to sikhi which gave them the endurance that they had.
I am sure there is something in this world for which you can sacrifice your life too, but i am sure that something can not be some PHYSICAL thing.


Apr 3, 2005
Dear theromyss

what you said is the bitter truth of sikhism.majority of sikhs are keeping hair just for the sake of society and if they cut it then they can't grow it back because of society.
Jul 10, 2006
I agree with your replies. The problem with those of us who question whether or not we should cut our hair is the lack of commitment, understanding and faith to our true Guru - Shabad Guru - 10 Sikh Guru's - GurSikhi.

I think once we start to understand gurmat, we will be stronger and have the commitment like Bhai Taru singh ji amongst many true GurSikhs. We need to understand what we mean by Sikhs of the Guru ie GurSikh's.

They understood and showed us what it mean by "

KMinAhu iqKI vwlhu inkI eyqu mwrig jwxw ]
kha(n)niahu thikhee vaalahu nikee eaeth maarag jaanaa ||
The path they take is sharper than a two-edged sword, and finer than a hair."

Source: SikhiToTheMAX - Enabling Gurmat Knowledge

In this same ang (Shabad is by Guru Amar Daas Ji in Raag Raamkalee on Pannaa 917 )

" ieik Brim BUly iPrih dh idis ieik nwim lwig svwirAw ]
eik bharam bhoolae firehi dheh dhis eik naam laag savaariaa ||
Some are deluded by doubt, wandering in the ten directions; some are adorned with attachment to the Naam."

The whole ang is worth a read. The above applies to the ones who blindly follow fake baba's, dera's etc

What do we see infront of us after we metha thek in the Gurdwara.?

PS: Btw I dont agree with your comment "Freedom, I think, is the key here. Freedom is something GOD gave us when he created us. Our soul is free. "

The reason I say that is the use of the word "freedom" - "Soul" - "Free".

We need to answer what a Soul(jeeva) is and whether we have "free Will"?

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