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  1. findingmyway

    I’ve Wasted £157,000 On Waxing, But Hairs Never Give Up The Ghost

    Last week, a news story claimed women were suffering from a rise in bacterial infections due to the current mania for Brazilian and Hollywood bikini waxes. The treatment can cause hundreds of tiny tears in the skin, making us more vulnerable to bacteria. Add this to the risk of bugs...
  2. H

    My Hair, My Principle, My Honor, My Uniform

    It amazes me to see so many Sikh fighting and arguing with each other on the issue of hairs. Makes me wonder why are we doing this? Makes me wonder whom are we trying to change and for what purpose? Makes me also wonder what are we trying to justify?[/FONT] Honestly, the youth will get...
  3. T

    Hairs And Sikh

    Hello all Why am I a Sikh? The truth is, because I was born to the Sikh parents.