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Hair Of 3 Sikhs Forcibly Cut_action Called For


Jul 6, 2005
Today's newspapers (Times of India) reports this news item emanating from Kuala Lumpur where 3 Sikhs have alleged that their Malaysian employer forcibly cut their hairs and forbade them from wearing turbans when they arrived there from India.
This is shocking and such events should be dealt with at the highest levels. The Indian government should take up this matter with the Malaysian govt at the highest levels. The employer should be brought to books and severely punished.


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Baz Grewal ji

This story is several months old. You seem to be reading through the entire forum and commenting on everything. That makes the heart content when you are a forum admin. But some of these stories are never followed up by the people who start threads. The only way to find out how it all ended is to google I guess. In any event, the hair of non-Muslims was dishonored and that is a sad outcome. In a way no more need be said. In another way yes like you I would like to know if justice was done. A member from Malaysia may also know about follow-ups.

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