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Leisure Habit

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Way, way back in good old St. Anthony's Instituion, Telok Anson, I had a teacher Bro. Henry who told us about the word HABIT. I was in year 5 then. He said: When you take H out of the word, ABIT of Habit still is there.....after you take out A, a BIT remains.....when you get rid of B, IT stubbornly remains. Bro. Henry is long gone....I an negotiating 60, and contemplating ????, but what he said rings true and still very fresh in my memory.

Sounds familiar....thats why the Sikh REHAT is so important...discipline...character....all HABITS...once ingrained..never really die out....Nit Nem..banis..meditation..kirt..wandnna..naam jappna.....