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Guru, Satguru And Sachae Paatshah

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Sep 26, 2009
Reading, United Kingdom
Admin note: Forum member ji - The thread starter has proffered many distortions of Gurbani, gurmat and Sikh history on this thread. Read with caution.

Guru, Satguru and Sachae Paatshah

Hi Brethren,

Just the basics to understand Sikhism, Christianity and Islam.

Moral Teachers:-

In India, they are called Brahmins, in Middle East, they are called Rabbis, in Africa
, they are called Fetish Priests, etc. They teach the Moral Laws centred around Adam or Shiv. Such morally sound people render religious help. Daeh Shiva Var Mohae................

Spiritual Preachers:-

They impart spiritual education to Mind or Munn. In India
, they are called Sattguru, in the Middle East Christ, etc.

In Sikhism, there were Six Sattgurus whilst in the Middle East One Christ Jesus. Christs appear in Kalyug only and those who listened to their Messages are lucky one for Salvation is very sure if Gospel is preached by them.

Saints and Apostles are also Sattgurus.

Royal Kings or Sachae Paatshah:-

People who do not mend their ways through preaching His Word, such satanic people are dealt by the sword power of Sachae Paatshahs. They were Four in the East, the Epicentre of Satanic people being Amritsar or the Punjab and none in the Middle East
as word of mouth was enough for Judas Iscariot to kill himself.

There is none above Sachae Paatshah and Sachae Paatshah Gobind Singh Ji was the Last of the Four Prophets and there shall be none after Him.

To address Sattguru Nanak Dev Ji as Guru is degrading and to address Sachae Paatshahs as Guru is highly degrading. Such people are spiritually blind and some times they turn fanatics.

Allah is from Al-Ilah, the Father. Ilahs are the tribal fathers and Allah, the spiritual Father also known as Paar Brahm and God.

We have One God and there are different names for Him according to the qualities.


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
nijjarjatt ji

In this thread you are talking like a Muslim with a New Age layer of metaphysics emanating from the Quran. In other threads you are talking like a Christian with a New Age layer of metaphysics emanating from the Gospels. We don't which gospels you are referring to, and are willing to wait to find out -- but the Gospels for now. It is impossible to follow your logic -- and everything in this post is disrespectful of the eternal Guru Sri Guru Granth Sahib, our 10 Gurus before that.

Your mathematics is difficult to follow. Sometimes on some of your threads you are talking about an unknown number of Sikh Gurus, and one additional Guru - you - as the incarnation of Guru Angad Dev. In this post you are working from a system of 6 True Gurus, not including Guru Nanak (lest we disrespect him by calling him a Satguru) and a number of other Gurus, whom you don't identify. We are left in the dark about this point as well. Next up there are and will be an infinite number of Gurus in the form of Saints and Apostles. These Saints and Apostles are Satgurus, but Guru Nanak is not a Satguru. Someone else whom you call the Sache Patshah is not a Satguru, and this one Sache Patshah is an addition to Sache Patshah Guru Gobind Singh.

All Brahmins and Rabbis are Fetish priests. They were known as Satgurus, but you do not agree. Who the 6 True Sache Gurus are is not clear. And Jesus of Nazareth is a prominent figure but it is not clear why he is important.

None of this article is gurmat -- but then it is in Interfaith Dialogs -- with the idea that members of Sikhism and other faiths can take a stand from their point of view. But what exactly are they looking at? Who can figure it out? How are we supposed to have a dialog if we are working with so many unknown variables in the equation?

You have invented your own religion. Let's admit it. You are not a Sikh, though you claim to be a Sikh. This is not Sikhism that you are describing. You have appropriated holy figures from history and created a cosmology all of your own invention.

Presiding over this mass of confusion is One True God. After reading this article the average atheist is sure to believe he/she made the right choice.

We cannot go on like this much longer. Forgive me. But I have to stand up for the readers and visitors who are feeling completely alienated by now.

Naryanjot Kaur
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