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Guru Nanak Dev Ji And Sikhism

Discussion in 'New to Sikhism' started by Sikh80, Jan 28, 2008.

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    Oct 14, 2007
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    Nanak In Sikhism

    Nanak said
    "If you are fond of playing with love of God, then come to me with your head on your palm; And once you set your foot on this path, do not hesitate if it is taken ".[40]
    The basic foundation of Sikhism is laid on the teachings of Guru Nanak.He is considered by the Sikhs to have extricated them from the accumulated errors of ages and left them erect and free,unbiased in mind and unfettered by rules,to become an increasing body of truthful worshippers. The religious movement started by Nanak continued to gather momentum under his successors.Its stern ethical tone and singularity of object were elements which distiguished it from similar movements in India.Its spirit of non-compromise carried within it possibilities of martyrdoms and the seeds of an organised community. The unsettled political conditions of the later period of the Mughal empire created situations which inevitably transformed the Sikhs into an armed military order.But although the Sikhs changed their organisation,their religion retained almost unaltered the impress of the teachings of Guru Nanak.[41]

    There are numerous folklores and tales relating to Nanak. One such folklore narrates that when it became clear that the death of Guru Nanak Dev was near, a dispute arose among his followers. His Hindu followers wanted to cremate the remains while the Muslim followers wanted to bury the body following Islamic tradition. Nanak brokered a compromise by suggesting that each group should place a garland of flowers beside his body, and whoever's garland remained unwilted after three days could dispose of his body according to their tradition. However, the next morning, upon raising the cloth under which the Guru's body lay, only the flowers shared between his followers were found. The Hindus cremated their flowers whereas the Muslims buried theirs.[42][43]
    He is also said to have met the first Mughal emperor Babur , when the latter invaded India and greatly impressed the sovereign with his demeanor and conversation. He perplexed Babur by stating that both of them were Kings and were about to lay the foundation of dynasty of Ten.[44]
    While working with or aiding his brother-in-law at Sultanpur Lodhi, at the ration stores, Nanak bestowed large quantities of grain in charity to the needy, and when the quantities of grain were balanced by Daolat Khan Lodhi,owner of these stores, they were always found to be correct and exact.[45]
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