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May 22, 2007
As bhagat kabir says : “meditate on the shabad guru in full consciousness.” consciousness means recite gurubani or waheguru shabad from your tongue and make your ears listen to it fully & clearly without interference of any thought.

Because our every thought & action in which our full consciousness is involved, gets recorded in our mind. Other thoughts & actions involving partial consciousness hardly find a place in our mind’s recording apparatus. These recordings or sanskars form the basis of all our further actions in this life & afterlives.

As our guru sahibans have stressed “brahm me jann, jann me parbrahm” I.E. We reside in the supreme lord and he resides in all of us. Gurubani & the shabad guru originate from waheguru himself and when we meditate on the shabad guru in full consciousness, it causes waheguru to accumulate inside our mind, and when it fills up the supreme lord is enjoined unto himself I.E. “joti jot rali samporan thiya ram”.

Vibrate harinam and gurubani with full consciousness and don’t let any thought process to intervene. This should be our life’s supreme task of the first and fullest priority.

These are not my thoughts. Instead they have been granted to me by the lord god himself and I want to share them with you. Hope they are of use to you.

swarn bains

Apr 9, 2012
listening with your ears distracts to some degree but some say if you listen when you recite it takes away the distraction. It is yogi's way but gurus way is to enshrine guru's picture in the mine. it takes away the distraction and creates respect for the guru. Guru's respect is the one which bestows divine wisdom not listening to it

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Shabad Vichaar by SPN'ers

The salok is by Sheik Farid ji. Translation by Dr. Sant Singh Khalsa. It appears on Ang 794 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.


ਸੂਹੀ ਲਲਿਤ ॥
Sūhī laliṯ.

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