Gurmat Learning For Children 10-18 Years (SMC Online Course)


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Jun 17, 2004
Waheguru ji ka Khalsa
Waheguru ji ki Fateh

Our Toronto (Canada) circle has launched on line moral education course, brief of which is given below:

Eligibility: Children age group 10-18 years
Duration : Six months
Fees: No fee

On sucessful completion, the students will be given certificates by the College. A few prizes would also be given to outstanding students.

How it works: Every friday a small lesson (about 10 minutes reading) is sent through email which the student is required to answer by the following Thursday.

90% of the lessons must be complied with in time in order to get certificate.
Requirement: The only requirement is of email ID either of the student, or his/her parents.

Toronto Circle has already launched this programme and Group1 was started in October 2010 with an enrollment of 108 students from Canada, UK, Thailand and India. Every quarter a new group will be started in order to reach atleast 3000 young children. The purpose of this course is to teach human values so that youth can understand religion in its right prespectus.

Group2 will start from 1.1.2011 for which registration is open. The registration form can be obtained by sending an email to:

Group3 will start from 1.4.2011 and so on every quarter.

The second phase of this scheme is to enroll successful candidates to Phase-II Course, which will include Gurbani and Sikh history etc.

For Group1, the following prizes have been announced:

Ist prize $100
2n prize $50
8 prizes $25 each

You are requested to enroll as many students as you can. You have only to send email IDs of the interested children to:

Zonal Incharges will send circle wise progress every month.

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