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Gurdwara Directory For Australia And New Zealand

Jan 29, 2010
The links to gurdwaras located in Australia can be found at the site below.

Gurdwaras in Australia

Links to gurdwaras located in New Zealand can be found at this location.

Gurdwaras in New Zealand

This thread was compiled in collaboration with SPN leader Kaur-1.

Hi, what are your views about that sikh temple set on fire in Australia ?

The Telegraph - Calcutta (Kolkata) | Frontpage | Australia gurdwara set on fire


Are you quiet, not bothered or pretty incensed :happy:


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Zahim ji

Thanks for the link. I think I will post it. A couple of reactions.

1. Though I have an account on Topix, I rarely visit because of the vulgarity of the conversations there. My responsibilities here at SPN more than occupy any time I have for learning about my faith and broadening my encounters with people of several faiths, from different countries, who speak many languages. Each encounter is a gift. My world has become rich from this experience. They are my teachers in many ways, and enrich my time away from work. In fact my family knows all about my contacts and conversations here. So I have no desire to poison my life with conversations on Topix.

2. On the subject of the gurdwara set on fire -- my reaction. Arson is a criminal act, and is usually a crime committed with pre-meditation. The motives run the gamut from envy, greed, and revenge to misplaced religious and political zeal. But in nearly every case an arsonist is also a deeply troubled human being spiritually, morally and emotionally. A legion of lost souls, and have been from childhood.

So my reaction? I am saddened by this story. Sikhs must take advantage of every opportunity to protect themselves from continued persecution, and to educate the public about the values of Sikhism. But acting on feelings of rage and revenge will not accomplish anything.

I noticed that the Sikhs of the sangat responded themselves in a manner consistent with their religion:

Sample of quotes from the article.
Another Sikh community member and editor of an ethnic newspaper, Tony Singh, said: “Such an incident was shocking and upsetting but the community would not lose its patience.

“What happened is not right but we are not going to jump to a conclusion. We will wait till all the facts are revealed,” he said, urging the community to maintain calm.

“The Sikh community here is being very patient,” said Jag Shergill, the Victorian multicultural commissioner. “We will wait for all facts to come out.”

“Indians back home and specially the Indian media need to learn to take a step back and analyse the situation with a cool mind. Don’t get outraged and wait for the facts to be out,” Shergill said.​
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