Gurus Gurdwar Gyan Godri Haridwar


Waheguruji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh

You know that Sri Guru Nanakji had visited Hardwar and gave his Updesh to all. I do not want to repeat as all know.

A Gurdwar, "Gyan Godri" hadbeen built in his honour at Har Ki Paidi, Hardwar. Thosands of Sikhs and Hindus used to visit it every day.

When Sikhs were being massacred, this Holy Gurdwara was burnt down. Since then Sikhs have been trying ther best to regain his land to build the Gurwara but initially Congress government and now BJP government is not giving the land back. They are offering land at other sites which is acceptable to local Sikhs but the Sangat of India is not willing for it.

If it was a sin to build Masjids on sites of Hindu temples then what is "Destroying the Gurwara and given the land to shop owners ?"


I understand your frustration. The way the government is acting is wrong and shows double standards. However, anger leads to more problems as demonstrated in Ayodhya. Maybe we should be the bigger people here and let this issue slide so we can focus on more important issues such as justice for 1984 and official recognition of what actually happened. After all Sikhi doesn't consider the land itself sacred but it does consider people's rights super important.

I hope I have not offended you. This represents my personal opinion only but am happy to revise should someone show me I have erred in my judgment

Jasleen Kaur



I think you are absolutely right. Though we feel offended but I think we must be given a large plot at any nearby place so that we may build a Gurdwara and serve Sagh Sangat.
These are my personal suggestion. I should not ofend any body.
Sangat is the final judge. They must be respected.
Overall aim must be "Service"