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Gurbani Kirtan #4 - Simran

Discussion in 'Gurmat Vichar' started by kaur-1, Oct 18, 2006.

  1. kaur-1

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    Jul 10, 2006
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    Gurbani Kirtan Mp3 Player - Shabad #4 - Simran

    siq nwm siq nwm siq nwm jI
    Satnam Satnam Satnam Ji
    True Name True Name True Name

    vwihgur vwihgur vwihgur jI
    Waheguroo Waheguroo Waheguroo Ji
    Wondrous lord Wondrous lord Wondrous lord


    Why do we say SatNaam? True Name? Because everything else is false. Everything we see is temporary, our family will depart, our houses will crumble and we will leave to. Everything is false, except for Naam. Naam is permanent, the ones who become absorbed in it become permanent too. "

    In Gurbani, the word Gurshabad or [Shabad] is synonymous with Naam. Without ceaselessly earning the wealth of Naam, God cannot be realised.

    Waheguroo Gurmantar:

    The word “Vaheguru” is made up of two word “Vaah(e)” and “Guru”. “Vaah” or “Vaahe” is an ecstatic expression of awe and wonder. Therefore it is often translated as “wondrous” or “wonderful”. “Guru” derives from two words. “Gu” means darkness, and “Ru” (‘Roo’) means light. Therefore ‘Guru’ means that power, being, and presence, which dispels darkness and brings light, in other words ‘Enlightener’. Cumulatively, the name implies wonder at the Divine Light eliminating spiritual darkness. It might also imply -‘Hail the Lord whose Name eliminates spiritual darkness.’ Thus the two constituents of Vaheguru (Vaahe+Guroo) implies the state of wondrous ecstasy and offering homage to the Divine Creator Being.


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