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Guiding Our Inner Evolution


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Masami Saionji

Why is it that humanity has not yet made the transition from a materialistic society to one based on principles of harmony, respect and love? I believe it is because most human beings have been living in ignorance of the truth. We may have acquired much knowledge and information, but the majority of people on Earth do not have a clear understanding about their own existence. Thus, although the solutions to the world's problems are actually in our hands, we cannot see them because we are blinded by our fixed self-perception.

Every human being possesses a creative capacity. Pure energy is always emanating from the source of the universe, and each of us receives a steady supply of this energy. How we use it from moment to moment determines our own future and the future of the world. This universal energy has infinite potential. Each of us assigns a shape to that energy by means of our thoughts and words. This is the process of creation.

The thoughts, words and emotions that human beings emit each moment are constantly streaming forth from their bodies as creative energy. Each thought and word holds its own unique vibration. And those having a similar frequency band together to form a "creative field." When the energy of a particular creative field has accumulated to a critical point, it manifests itself on the visible plane in one way or the other.

From what I observe, there are many different kinds of creative fields. For example, there are creative fields with positive energy, such as fields for compassion, optimism, dignity, sincerity, courage, gratitude, peace and forgiveness. On the other hand, there are creative fields with negative energy, such as anger, fear, pessimism, anxiety, self-hate, suicide, discrimination and revenge.

As a creative field continues to grow in size, it exerts a stronger and stronger influence on people emitting similar thoughts. It will affect people's decisions, behavior, relationships and health conditions. And on a larger scale, it could even manifest in the form of war or natural disaster.

Words, in particular, are a concentrated form of energy and a powerful means of creation. Much has been written and said about the creative power of words. But it seems to me that few people truly understand this power. Words are actually alive. Words attract people. Words motivate people. Words are infectious. And words also have sharp edges. Words can give life. And words can even kill.

We must take responsibility for every word we utter. Our first step is to steadily monitor the words we spew carelessly out of habit. Next, we should train ourselves to intentionally replace the negative words with positive ones. With firm determination, we should resolve to create an entirely new habit, by rerecording only positive words over the old tape playing in our conscious and subconscious mind. By doing so, we can change the outcome of our own future, and at the same time, pour positive energy into humanity's collective consciousness.

The point I want to emphasize is this:

Everything that happens and manifests in this world is of our own making. It is the responsibility of each and every member of humanity. The pattern seen in an individual is reflected in that person's family, which in turn is reflected in his community, in his country and ultimately in the world. Everything starts from the individual.

The individuals' level of consciousness determines the level of consciousness of humanity as a whole. If one person achieves higher consciousness, the collective consciousness of humanity is uplifted by that much.

As I see it, the choices that people make fall into three broad categories according to their level of consciousness. These three levels are: the materialistic consciousness, the spiritual consciousness and what I call the "universal consciousness."

When we are at the level of materialistic consciousness, we make choices based on ego and greed for the best interest of ourselves, our own families and countries.

Then, when we are at the next level, namely the spiritual consciousness, we chose to share with others. We respect and love others and treat them as we would treat ourselves.

An even higher level is the universal consciousness. When we have entered this level, there is no longer any separation between the self and others. We are in oneness with nature and all of life. We will have restored our original power to heal ourselves and our planet.

Up till now, humanity has been driven by materialistic consciousness for the most part. In fear of scarcity, we have continued to pursue material gain from the outer world, taking from others and depleting Earth's natural resources. If we continue on this path, our world will no doubt be headed for destruction.

So which way should we go forward? If we are to make the right decisions and change the course of humanity, each of us must evolve our consciousness from materialistic to spiritual, and eventually to universal consciousness. Yes, humanity is entering the age of conscious evolution, and we must guide it consciously and purposefully.

In order to do so, we must ask ourselves the ultimate questions: "Who am I?" and "What is the meaning of my existence on Earth?" Each and every one of us must face up to these inevitable questions and find a clear answer to them. To know one's true self is the key to understanding the mysteries of the cosmos. In other words, if we delve deep into the nature of consciousness, we would begin to see the whole picture of the vast universe.

The true essence of our life is connected to the source of the universe. When we rediscover that connection and align our intentions with the harmonious universal intention, we will be supported by a marvelous influx of a higher-dimensional universal energy, which cannot be accessed otherwise.

So let us believe in our potential for building a peaceful and sustainable future for all life on Earth. As more and more people contribute to the creative field of our positive vision with their intentions and positive words, it will surely grow larger and more powerful. Together, we can overturn the old destructive patterns, and humanity shall evolve to new heights.

May Peace Prevail on Earth.




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