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Gurus Greeting?

Discussion in 'Sikh History' started by Sa'ad, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. Sa'ad

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    May 8, 2009
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    Is it acceptable for me to greet a Sikh whom I meet on the street with the greeting: "Waheguru Ji Ka Khalso. Waheguru Ji Ka Fateh when I myself am not a baptized Sikh? I do wear the Kanga, Kara, Kirpah, and have stopped shaving and cutting my still short hair. I was only recently made aware of the katchera. I don't wear a turban because I don't know where to purchase one or how to tie it. I sent a friend who is about ten years younger than my youngest son the mool mantra a few weeks ago and haven't heard from him since. I am wondering if because it is in Gumuki that perhaps I have been taken off his list of acceptable correspondents. I have sent him prayers in Hebrew transliterated into Romanize letters as was the case with the Gumuki and had no problem before. I even occasionally throw in a Spanish phrase. Sorry my question became convoluted. Hey, I took this IQ test and scored high enough to join their High IQ club but I am already in Mensa; consequently, do I want to join a club that has a three percent lower admittance level.? I was call dumb most of my youth and now I still feel the need to prove something!
    I live an isolated life; so thanks for letting me babble once in awhile.
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    Jun 17, 2004
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    Babble to your heart's content. The formal greeting among Sikhs is Waheguru ji ka Khalsa! Waheguru ji ki Fateh! Actually the rehat maryada prescribes this greeting. It is used in gurdwara services. But you can see from the forum that other greetings include, Guru Fateh! Fateh! Fateh ji! Sat Nam! Sat Sri Akaal! Khalsa ji! There are probably ones I don't know.

    Don't try to figure out what is going on in the mind of another person. If you can't ask him in person for whatever reason, just give it up.
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