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Controversial Godman's Flock Signed 'sex Pacts'


Jun 30, 2009
Godman's flock signed 'sex pacts' - India - The Times of India

BANGALORE: Nudity, sexual activity, and physical intimacy were part of the “learning and practice of ancient tantrik secrets’’ at Dhyanapeetam Ashram of controversial godman Swami Nityananda at Bidadi, near Bangalore. Nityananda was caught on camera during an alleged sex romp with an actress last month.

Bizarrely, those who volunteered for the programmes were made to sign an agreement prohibiting them from disclosing any of these details or taking legal recourse after practising “ancient tantrik secrets’’. The programme is called ‘Learning from the Master Program’.

The "non-disclosure agreements" were part of the documents seized by CID during raids on the ashram, where they seized computer hard disks, laptops and mobiles.

One clause of the agreement, accessed by TOI, states: “Volunteer understands that the Program may involve the learning and practice of ancient tantric secrets associated with male and female ecstasy, including the use of sexual energy for increased intimacy/spiritual connection, pleasure, harmony and freedom. Volunteer understands that these activities could be physically and mentally challenging, and may involve nudity, access to visual images, graphic visual depictions, and descriptions of nudity and sexual activity, close physical proximity and intimacy, verbal and written descriptions and audio sounds of a sexually oriented, and erotic nature, etc."

It further says: "By reading and signing this addendum, Volunteer irrevocably acknowledges that he/she is voluntarily giving his unconditional acceptance of such activities and discharges the Leader and the Foundation, and anyone else not specifically mentioned here but directly or indirectly involved in the organization, management or conduct of any such programs from any liability, direct or indirect, arising from such activities."

A CID official said most of those who enrolled for this programme were women, and 90% were from Tamil Nadu. CID sleuths had watched a CD with more than 35 video clippings of Nityananda in compromising positions with at least five women.

Tejwant Singh

Jun 30, 2004
Henderson, NV.
Are we going to see something like that from so called Dasam Granth " Brahangyanis" who promote pornography by claiming shamelessly that it was written by our Dasam Pita and hence they are not doing anything else but following their Guru?
May 24, 2008
It is just that 110% of the so-called SANTS are rapists , charlatans , selfish , wily & wicked .This is increasing at an un precedented pace in last few years in India because the politicians find them a convenient BULK-VOTE BANK who can be dealt single handedly with a few gives & takes deal with BABAJI in return for assured votes . That is why Guru Nanak Dev Ji exposed the concept of SHABAD GURU ( Word as Guru ) in this Universe to LIBERATE the whole humanity from the clutches of so-called SANTS , BRAHMINS , BRAHMGIANIS , MAULVIS , PRIESTS , POPES etc etc who were exploiting their followers like a shepherd herds his sheep to ultimately milk them & finally kill them for meat . The whole idea of HUMAN BODY as Guru should be opposed as much as possible on all fronts because this is the root cause of all the evil prevailing in this world .
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