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God Is Not In The Statue

Discussion in 'Spiritual' started by dattaswami, Jan 29, 2006.

  1. dattaswami

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    May 23, 2005
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    When you are an item of creation, your ways and efforts cannot be supernatural and they must follow the natural rules of creation, which are again science only. Therefore you must use the logical scientific analysis in analysing yourself and your path to reach God. But God is beyond this creation who is the Creator. Therefore God cannot be analysed by science. When the goal is above science the scientific path cannot be meaningful because the scientific path will lead to such goal only, which can be analysed by science. For e.g.: let us take the path to Bombay, the path is on the Earth and Bombay is also on the Earth. A path that can be analysed by logic can reach the goal, which must be also analysed by the logic. If I start the journey to God and ask the path to reach Him, nobody can show the path because the God is invisible. An invisible goal will always have an invisible path. Nobody can travel in invisible path. One can show the path to a holy temple. If God exists in the statue, such path is a true path. The main purpose of reaching God is to know the whole knowledge of yourself, the correct path and the correct goal. The reason is that God is the best preacher since all the matters are related to God. Therefore the Human Incarnation is the correct place of God. The human incarnation consists of a visible human body so that the path to reach Him also becomes visible. Since God is in the human incarnation, by reaching that human body you have reached God. In fact God pervaded all over the body and you have reached the God. The God becomes visible through human body and therefore the path to reach God is also visible. The main purpose to reach God is to hear the correct version of the entire spiritual knowledge. Then through service you have to please the God. In the case of statue, it is not preaching any trace of knowledge. Moreover when we serve the statute it is not appearing pleased on its face. Due to these two reasons neither God is in the statute nor God is the statute (Na tasya Pratima- Veda). The statute in the human form is a model to indicate the human form of the Lord. The ignorant human beings who cannot accept the human form of the God due to egoism and jealousy can worship the statute as training for sometime to worship the human form of Lord in future (Pratimahyalpa Buddhinam- Smruti). But one should not sit in the training through out his life. If he sits in the training only, he is born as an inert object like stone (Bhutejya yanti- Gita)
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