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Heritage Fund Raising For Gurdwara Projects

Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh

We have all heard about and know about traditional ways of meeting Gurdwara expenses that is using Sangat's Daswandh money or Charhawa. whenever there is a need for funds, management usually let the Sangat know of & Sangat contribute as per their wishes (shardha)
A local Gurdwara has started a new way of raising funds for the Gurdwara. Actually it has been a 'Sikh Centre' for many years (w/o Nashan Sahib, where langar is prepared with shoes on and heads uncovered, it is served like a buffett and eaten on charis where people socialize while they eat).
This Gurdwara management is arranging for dinner in the Langar Hall (which is rented out for parties on the weekdays) with some entertainment (probably with some singer who sings hindi filmi songs or gazals) & they are calling it a 'Sangat Appreciation Dinner'. They plan to raise $30-$35K with this.
We were approched by a respected elder to be part of it & I refused. I feel bad for saying 'no' to uncle ji & wondering why would some Gursikhs be part of it?
I wish to know what you think of it? What would you if you are asked to come to this dinner and show your support not only with money but also with your presence?

Thank you,