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First Sikh To Be Nominated For Best Actor Award


Jun 1, 2004
Film awards ~ "Chhevan Dariya" Nominated in 5 categories for PTC.

Sixty individuals across the world believed in a cause - a cause to project a saabat soorat Sikh in main stream cinema. They strongly believed that media is the strongest medium to inform the world about the identity of Sikhs. The result was the making and the world-wide release of the film "Chhevan Dariya (The Sixth River)".

The work got recognized and made history when Manpreet Singh, a saabat soorat Sikh was nominated for the best actor award for his performance in "Chhevan Dariya" for the PTC Film awards. Voting has begun. Just 3 more days to go. The awards will be announced on 28th January. Help him and your dreams reach the top of the charts.

Send SMS "PFABA5" TO 58888 to vote for Manpreet Singh

"Chhevan Dariya (The Sixth River)" has also been nominated for the categories of Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Playback Singer and Best Performance in a negative role.

For details log on to

It is a film award today, it could be an Oscar tomorrow. Someone said, "Big things come in small packages". It is a humble beginning - support the cause to further fortify it.

manpreet singh chhevan dariya002.jpg


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