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Featured Articles : April 2006


Aug 1, 2005
Here are the featured articles for the April 2006 Edition of The Four Precepts home page:

The Bohdi Mind
by Br. Michael Day

The source of all life, the centre of all things, this wonder we all have in our Heart as a free gift. The act of attaining to this Bodhi Mind, is so refined, the movement is so slight, that very few ever attain this blessed state of purity, re-aligning our attention away from the inner talk, the thoughts, and resting on the space the stillness, we become the witness, the listener. [More]

Practicing the Presence of God
by Brother Lawrence

You so earnestly desire that I describe the method by which I arrived at that habitual sense of God's presence, which our merciful Lord has been pleased to grant me. I am complying with my request that you show my letter to no one. If I knew that you would let it be seen, all the desire I have for your spiritual progress would not be enough to make me comply. [More]

Every Moment In His Presence
by Hazrat Inayat Khan

There are many virtues, but there is one principal virtue. Every moment passed outside the presence of God is sin, and every moment in His presence is virtue. [More]

The Wind In Our Dreams
by JoAnn Kite

Cosmic child, precious Being,
Know the joy of your true worth,
Ever living in My image,
Co-creating this sweet Earth. [More]

Bringing Our World into Focus
by Wayne Ferguson

Taking our cue from Plato, let us think of the temporal world as a "moving image of eternity." If such is the case, then the course of our existence is— as Plato elsewhere describes it —a relatively superficial reflection of a deeper reality that we may be more or less aware of and attuned to. [More]

The Still Point
by Wahiduddin

When I had to read Eliot in high school, the depth of his allusions were over my head, but a few years ago I started reading some of his work again and I was amazed at the depth of spiritual realization in his verses. [More]

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