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  1. spnadmin

    Gurus 4 Gurus 6 Gurpurabs - April 16 And 18

    April 16 marks the Joti-jot of Guru Harkrishan ji, the Joti-jot of Guru Angad Devji, and the Gurgaddi of Guru Tegh Bahadur and Guru Amardas ji April 18 marks the birth dates of Guru Angad Dev ji and Guru Tegh Bahadar ji
  2. spnadmin

    Gurus Parkash Guru Nanak April 14

    Guru Nanak Dev ji (1469 - 1539) Note: Sikh Philosophy Network follows the Nanakshai (2003) calendar placing the birthday of Guru Nanak as April 14. This gurpurab was followed from 2003 through 2012 when a revised Nanakshai Calendar was adopted by the SGPC, celebrating Guru Nanak's birthday in...
  3. Y

    Help With Ideas To Celebrate Vaisakhi (April 2013) For Young People

    I wasn't sure where to put this so I do apologise in advance if it's in the wrong place and would be grateful if the mods could move it to the right place but I was wondering if I could get some help... In a meeting I had recently at work, I proposed an idea of celebrating the Sikh festival of...
  4. spnadmin

    United Sikhs United Sikhs: Langar Served In Kesennuma Miyagi Prefecture (Video)

    YouTube - Langar Served in Kesennuma Miyagi Prefecture April 10 0001 final
  5. spnadmin

    Festivals Story Of Vaisakhi (BBC 1, 10 April 2011, 1:15 Pm)

    ‘The Story of Vaisakhi’ - Sunday 10 April 2011: BBC 1 from 1.15-1.45pm The Sikh Federation (UK) has confirmed that the BBC has for the first-time made a special 30-minute programme called ‘The Story of Vaisakhi’. The programme aims to increase awareness of non-Sikhs about how Sri Guru...
  6. spnadmin

    Festivals Baisakhi (14 April 2011)

    Let's make this thread the best Baisakhi thread on the Internet. Post pictures, videos, personal stories, articles for the world to enjoy and learn. Introduction Baisakhi is New Year's Day in Punjab. It falls on the month of Vaisakh. This festival marks the ripening of the Rabi harvest...
  7. spnadmin

    Sikh Turban Day (April 13, 2011)

    Sikh Turban Day will be here soon, in fact April 13 2011. Sikh Turban Day falls the day before Vaisakhi each year. Here is a thread where we can post inspiring articles, videos and comments about dastar. Our first article by I. J. Singh is about the ceremony of dastar bhandi and much more...
  8. spnadmin

    Sikh-Punjabi Chair Speaks On Sikh Americans Pre-, Post-9/11

    Sikh-Punjabi chair speaks on Sikh Americans pre-, post-9/11 One out of every five people in the world is South Asian, and the South Asian diaspora is one of the largest in the world. Despite the fact that more Americans take yoga classes, have heard of ayurvedic medicine, and wear clothes...
  9. spnadmin

    In Bed With Gandhi: Are God And Sex Incompatible?

    In Bed with Gandhi: Are God and Sex Incompatible? Kate Fridkis: In Bed with Gandhi: Are God and Sex Incompatible? When I found out, it felt like Mother Teresa all over again. For the longest time, no one had imagined that there was a single negative thing to be said about that woman. And...
  10. gurumanyogranth

    Controversial Prof. Darshan Singh Khalsa - April 17 - Vision TV Interview - Part 2

    PLEASE LISTEN AND DISTRIBUTE. April 10 - Vision Tv Interview - Part 1 April 17 - Vision TV Interview - Part 2 -- ggsacademy.com :khanda3:
  11. spnadmin

    Festivals Huge Baisakhi Celebrations Planned For April 4

    Huge Baisakhi Celebrations Planned for April 4 India Journal - South Asian News for Southern California LOS ANGELES, CA - Baisakhi Day is celebrated each year in the Sikh Community of Southern California with an exquisite Kirtan Darbar and royal Nagar Kirtan. Baisakhi Day commemorates...
  12. S

    [SPN] April Newsletter

    Sikh Philosophy Network Community Bulletin For unsubscription information, please see the bottom of this email --------------------------------------------------------------------------- $username Ji, Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji Ki Fateh!! SPN is now a 8,100 strong member...
  13. spnadmin

    Arts/Society International Turban Day - April 13 2009

    April 13 will mark the 4th Annual International Turban Day, celebrated in many countries around the world. International Turban Day is set to coincide with Vaisaki each year. The first International Sikh Turban Day occurred in 2006: First International Sikh Turban Day Celebrated in Orange...
  14. Admin

    Sikh News Wednesday, April 26, 2006 (The Pakistan Link)

    Wednesday, April 26, 2006 (The Pakistan Link) http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/search/sikh/SIG=11p8912s3/*http%3A//www.pakistanlink.com/Headlines/Apr06/26/12.htm Array Wed, 26 Apr 2006 19:05:22 GMT ISLAMABAD: The government is trying to start an Amritsar-Hassanabdal bus service, Ijazul...
  15. H

    Featured Articles : April 2006

    Here are the featured articles for the April 2006 Edition of The Four Precepts home page: The Bohdi Mind by Br. Michael Day The source of all life, the centre of all things, this wonder we all have in our Heart as a free gift. The act of attaining to this Bodhi Mind, is so refined...
  16. N

    Sikh News Simranjit Singh Mann, Former Member Of Indian Parliament And Sikh Patriot, To Hold Press Conference

    You are cordially invited to a press conference on Thursday, April 28, at 2:30 p.m. sharp in the Holeman Lounge at the National Press Club (National Press Building, 529 14th street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20045). Mr. Simranjit Singh Mann, president, Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar), a former member...
  17. N

    Sikh News Thursday April 21, 8:08 AM By Vishnu Makhijani, Indo-Asian News Service (Yahoo! India News)

    New Delhi, April 21 (IANS) For those who thought Punjabi cuisine stopped at butter chicken and dal makhani, a food fest showcasing the repast at a 19th century Sikh ruler's court will come as quite a delectable surprise...
  18. N

    Sikh News Wednesday April 20, 8:00 AM By Murali Krishnan, Indo-Asian News Service (Yahoo! India News)

    New Delhi, April 20 (IANS) Retired Supreme Court judge G.T. Nanavati, who probed the anti-Sikh riots of 1984, has asked the government to reopen cases against a "few politicians" saying investigation against them was not "properly carried out"...
  19. S

    Apple To Ship Mac OS X Tiger Software On April 29 (Reuters)

    Reuters - Apple Computer Inc. said on Tuesday that the latest major update of its Mac OS X operating system, code-named Tiger, will be available on April 29. http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/tech/*http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/nm/20050412/tc_nm/tech_apple_tiger_dc
  20. N

    Sikh News Monday April 11, 11:13 PM By Indo-Asian News Service (Yahoo! India News)

    Chandigarh, April 11 (IANS) A court here Monday dropped serious charges against most of the officials and prisoners linked to last year's sensational Burail jailbreak in which three Sikh terrorists had escaped...