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Facebook Malaya Samachar Editorial:30th Of November

Chaan Pardesi

Oct 4, 2008
London & Kuala Lumpur
FACE BOOK Malaya Samachar EDITORIAL:30th of November.

Chan Pardesi ji Please give us a url or link to the original so we do not tempt charges of plagiarism. It will not matter if someone does not have a Facebook account. They can read the article here, and Facebook will still get the credits. Thanks, spnadmin

The issues below are related mainly to the Sikhs in Malaysia, but we

believe Sikh communities across the globe probably face similar

challenges and destructive actions among the youth.


Recently, one of our readers, Sr Veerin Singh asked a very pertinent

question,He argued that we are a small community.Many of our youth

are indulging in soul, mental and body destroying activities.Many take

to smoking, drugs and alcohol.They go out and indulge into immoral

activities like night clubs, prostitution visiting and binge parties,

where taking body destructing drugs are the norm and buzz activities.

Many then get involved in fights,accidents and gang warfare.Some go

home, beat up the children.Beat up the wife, give grieve and make grave

threats against aged parents and other relatives.They destruct those

around them with their own dysfunctional lives and activities.They

influence others, abuse others and abuse themselves.The abuse just

does not simply effects them individually but whole extended families

and communities.Sometimes their bad and negative actions affect the

local Gurduaras as well.

When faced with no money to finance their negatives habits and

actions, they resort to criminal activities first on a small scale than

it grows wider.They steal from parents the meagre earnings or

savings, they pawn the poor wife's little jewellary

WE cannot disagree at all with this is happening.Though Veerin Singh did not use as

many words, his message was understood and appreciated.The gist of his

plea and argument was understood and well received by the three member

editorial panel and two adminstrators.There a lot of todays evil truth

in what he spoke about and it certainly is a very grave issue that

should concern the whole community , rising above any factional,

jathebandi,and sikh philosophical views and divisions.

His question was:Is it not better these youth go to ANY Naam Simran

group, Jatha or Gurduara and get involed in proactive activities and

actions and learn about Sikhi and God, than dying out on the roads, and

life of destruction.

Again, we CANNOT disagree at all with him in principle and as short

term solution. given our history.We believe it is better than the

scenario we, on his prompt, have outlined in the first three

paragraphs of this editorial.

WE agree,It is better the youth get involved in Naam Simran, either

through simple Gurduara and sadh sangat, or through facilitated groups

by Sikh learned, or through the jathas that claim Sikhi persuasion

openly.IT will save many lives and families from destruction and death

and pain.No doubt about that.

But, we have a question for Veerin Singh JI, perhaps he can help find a

solution too.If we look back in Sikh history, but as history requires a

lot of time and we dont have that, so we will skim through quickly,

Sikh religion is an all compassing religion.It continues to be even

today through a clearly defined parameter .The proof in the pudding can

be seen that it welcomes all to its Gurduaras.It encompases all types

who call themselves Sikhs.It welcomes the Khalsa, Gursikh, Sikh, Patit

Sikhs, Sehajdhari Sikhs, even the hinud groups who profess Sikh

religion and never take the amritpaan.Many Muslims too revere The Sikh

gurus and parts of Sikh religion if not the whole.In principle it is a

very inclusive religion, though it has very clearly defined pillars of

the faith that can never be questioned nor shaken off.These are Kirrt

Kamaai, Wand Shakna, Naam Japna,through guidance Guruship of the Guru

Granth Sahjib; and work to lead the life of sant sipahi-khalsa in karni

and kathni [in practice & deeds].Included in this core principles is

the issue of identity and service with humilty to humanity.Period.No

two way questions about this.

Sikh history accepted all the above groups and individuals as part of

its domain.Sehadharis came from Sind and other provinces, Nirmala, and

Udasi,patits and Sikhs and Gursikhs and and hindus who professsed to be

Sikhs were an inclusisve entity.But whta then hapapned these various

groups started to enforce and create their versions of practices, some

of which were totally alien to Gurbani.Others like Udasi and Nirmalas

seeing that money comes when brahmin type practices are intoruduced,

began their own rituals, that were never part of Gurbani.These groups

took over main historical Gurduaras , and also introduced statute

worship.Even Harmander Sahib had hindu devtas lined up everyhwere,

and these were ONLY removed around 1930s.

Because suddenly it dawned upon caring Sikh intellectuals that Sikhi

was being erased slowly and polluted through shadowing means by

nefarious individuals with nefarious agendas.The mahant of Nankana

Sahib along with many others elsewhere wanted to ensure the Sikh

Gurduaras remain their personal domain and wealth.Thus these educated sikhs felt there was a need

for Singh sahba Movement, a SRM to codify the SIKH practices based upon

Gurbani.Thus many people became aware that not all groups were doing

it rightly, many had their personal agendas in brainswashing people

with little things and subtle changes to Gurbani.That was the basis

small groups were rejected and total Panthic agenda was delivered,

which some even today without evidence claim was only a draft, because

they have probably attended one such small group and been brainwashed

into rejecting total Sikh panthic Unity agenda, that took almost 18

years based upon GURBANI,Sikh historical facts and factual sikh history

and establsished precedents to conclude and finalised.

So ask yourslves, how can such small groups that came about years later

claim to have the original practices and knowledges, often based upon

the heresay of their group leader, who has probaly died many years

before.The Punjab of 1930/40s and 50s may accept this utter nonsense claims , as people were not

educated.But with education today, these people may still attempt to

feed unsupported lies as their facts, is bound to be questioned by

those who can reason, but it is followed blindly by those who have no

capacity to reason.That is the simple defining line.

Elsewhere little men 'ambitious'with personal grandoise minds ; men

with little education started off their own deras.Some stole names of

historical deras and started claiming ownership and originality.One

like the Jatha Chowk Mehta in Amritsar, 250 miles away from Damdama

Sahib began claiming to be damdami.Another like the AKJ, who only

emerged after the death of Bhai Randhir Singh ji in about 1943, now

claim their maryada is original from the Gurus.Then we have numerous

others claiming all sorts by mere word of mouth that they dispense to

those that visit them and soon whole families , villages and towns are

carrying this word of mouth around and began believing the false to be

truth!It is said if one lies enough times, people will start believing


that stage the SIKH population was largely uneducated and all

information was passed through word of mouth or through village

gurduaras or the little schools attached to these Gurduaras.Many had

perhaps read the Guru Granth sahib, and could even recite verbally,

but what they had learnt was what they were told.Their education was

not based upon explorative mind and logical questioning and

understanding.When such types are confronted and asked to explain, they

not only cannot epxlain but they get angry and resort to gutter

language.Ifthey answer at all; they say who are we to question the Gurus?

Questioning the existence of a jatha 250 miles away from Damdama sahib

claiming the title damdami is hardly questioning the GURU JI?or can

these people not understand the language and words?We have not come

across anyone who has questioned anything from the Guru Ji, Guru Granth


When they are asked how did AKJ claim authority over the rest of the

panth, when it only emerged in 1943, they say it was Bhai Randhir Singh

ji who says so.But Bhai Randhir Singh never said he had any authority

OVER the panth anywhere.He followed the sikhya of Guru Granth sahib.He was not a Guru.The

panth started in 1469, [or when Guru Nanak ji was 30],Bhai Randhir

Singh preached ONLY Gurbani all his life[between 1904 and 1943] and

dedicated his life to fight against colonialism.He never started any AKJ

jatha.So where did this JATHA come from?Some ambitious followers

decided to sat it up, as the name of Bhai Randhir Singh would offer

him/them the personal fame they were/was after ...How does that then make

it superior to the Sikh Panth that already existed since 1469?There

are many such stories.They dont have answers and dont like being questioned.

Locally we see this with Baba Sohan Singh Ji.He dedicated his life to

sewa and Sikhi from Guru Granth sahib.He was a very simple man who was

staunch believer of Gurbani .Anyone who met him , was given the support

to understand Gurbani and nothing BUT GURBANI.Gurbani and Gurbani.But

these days many are attaching miracles, pilgramges etc ect and what

goes ,on which we rather not comment upon.

However, we hope no Sikh will indulge in any vices that destroys

her/him, his/her relatives,community and town.To fight these vices

from destroying our youth, we may not need any religious Sikh group, we

just need lots of education,enlightenment and awareness through a joint

community effort collected solely for this purpose alone.History tells

us involving the sikh religious groups may just carry on promoting

their own agendas under guise of Sikhi, youth and welfare of the

community and result in further continued divisions.We recognise that

some do not fall within this category.But lately largely very fanatical

elements have emerged.

With such issues having been happened and undermined the Sikhs and

religion, how does Sr Veerin Singh proposes we address the issues

without diluting the Sikh religion and its unique identity.Because the

groups who point blank refuse to adopt the total Sikh Unity agenda are

bound to cause more issues and problems and divisions, if not through

accidents than fights and quarrels.Basically,sadly Sr Veerin Singh in

this un-ideal world, we are caught between the deep blue sea and the


Only Sache Paatshah Guru Ji may be able to change our destiny, despite

all our anger and frustration.But like Guru Gobind Singh says, grant me

thy boon, so I will never refrain from fighting the righteous , is the

only hope we can carry on with and support all positive actions to

unite, save the youth and the identity and sikh religion.
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May 10, 2010
Ancient Greece
My family folks used to speak all the time about 'Malaya' and how many people from our distant relations were settled over there. Never got to have any interaction with 'em. But what all I gather from the Internet, Malaysian Sikhs are quite an impressive lot!



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