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Ever Wondered About Love

Discussion in 'Interfaith Dialogues' started by Humble_Gursevak, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. Humble_Gursevak

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    Nov 19, 2004
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    About Love:

    Have you ever stop and wondered about love? I have and there are many kinds. Here are only a few: romantic love, lustful love, selfish love, friendship love, smothering love, tough love, childish love, unrequited love, popularity love, and Godly love. Love is a very misunderstood word. It's a word that impacts us, torments us, and leaves us often wondering what went wrong. [​IMG]
    Romantic love is ideally found between one man and one woman. It's what poetry is written about. It may end beautifully or tragically. It's getting to know each other in order to form a lasting and mutual relationship. An example of a romantic love is found in marriages that last even into old age. Most marriages start out with romantic love, but only the strongest are those that last. The ones that are successful are the ones that have developed into quite a different kind of love.

    Lustful love usually ends up hurting someone. Lustful love is the kind that ruins lives and reputations. It's found in adultery and fornication. It's one that cares only about sex. What I am saying is not meant to hurt anyone. I'm only writing about it to expose a very dangerous happening that's falsely called love.
    Selfish love can't be legitimate, unless it comes from God. People aren't perfect enough for it and so we can't demand it. God insists on it for Himself. He wants our whole devotion so we can live a high-quality life. You see He wants the best for us. Like the SGGS is about Gods selfish love, and only He can require it. There's nothing greater than this love. If we give unselfish love to Him, we'll be as God. This is probably beyond our abilities.
    Friendship love is a caring love. Ideally it should be found everywhere. It's found in peaceful relationships between all mankind. It's found between all kinds of people and even between people and animals. It's a special love that has no demands or conditions. It's one that we all should form with each other.
    Smothering love is the kind that demands constant attention. It's one that will not let another have a life. It's the kind where one person wants to tie him self or her self to another human being and won't let them out of their sight. It comes from a very needy person, one who has not resolved issues, especially childhood abandonment and neglect. Be kind but firm with them. Abuse only makes this kind of love worse. These persons have already suffered too much.


    Tough love is a love that's needed to bring up a child into a psychologically healthy adult. It's letting a child learn from his mistakes, yet being there as a shoulder to lean on and giving support. It's an unconditional love.

    Childish love is what children have for their parents. It's a needy love, but it can't be compared with smothering love. Childish love can become independent and strong. There's a strength there that's not found in the other.

    Unrequited love is found in some broken marriages, the prodigal son or daughter, and when friendship isn't returned. It, like lustful love, is hurtful. Only here, there's a victim, the one who offers unconditional love and doesn't receive it.


    Popularity love is gained with the promise that with associating with that person, you'll profit. This is called the fair weather friend. He or she soon disappears when life has given the love one a few hardships.
    [​IMG] Godly love is a perfect love. It is the love that's willing to go so far as to give up ones life for another.
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