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  1. Chaan Pardesi

    Legal When Indira Wondered Why Sikhs Play Hockey!

    portraits album 2 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!Golden Years | Flickr - Photo Sharing!<!-- End of Flickr Badge --> When Indira wondered why Sikhs play hockey! WHEN INDIRA GANDHI ASKED: ‘WHY SIKH PLAYERS ONLY?’ “In 1974 when I was an Inspector-General in the Border Security Force I received a...
  2. H

    Ever Wondered About Love

    About Love: Have you ever stop and wondered about love? I have and there are many kinds. Here are only a few: romantic love, lustful love, selfish love, friendship love, smothering love, tough love, childish love, unrequited love, popularity love, and Godly love. Love is a very misunderstood...
  3. drkhalsa

    Ever Wondered What Message Does 31 Raags Of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Convey ?

    Here is what i found in one of the forum so thought of sharing with you on spn Raag conveys a feeling and Shabad a message. A raag is capable of touching the heart with feelings like joy, sorrow, detachment (as selina ji said before). Music (Raag) is based on sound (swar - notes) and...