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Jul 2, 2004
Navi Mumbai, India
Importance of Amrit Vella according to present day science
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http://www.geocities.com/sarbjitsingh/Bani2220GurMag.doc, http://www.geocities.com/sarbjitsingh/Bani2220Gur.htm, www.sikhmarg.com/amrit-vela01.html
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Amrit is must, to become a Gursikh
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Amrit is must, to become a Gursikh
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http://www.geocities.com/sarbjitsingh/Bani3560GurMag.doc, http://www.geocities.com/sarbjitsingh/Bani3560Gur.htm, http://www.geocities.com/sarbjitsingh/Bani3560Gur.htm
Script = Gurmukhi

Basic Principles of Sikhism
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Sikh Marriage
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Jul 13, 2004
Welcome sarbjitsingh ji,

Thanks for the post. The articles caught my attention, and after the hukamnama post, I straight away went to read your articles.

Thanks much for sharing this. I just start replying back in a critic mode, hope you take that in positive spirit.

Just to let you know that 'Sikh Marriage' links are not working.

Basic Principles of Sikhism
In the definition of real sikh - u said - and does not follow any other religion. I feel this portion can be taken off. Do you think so?

Random sampling of dates (mentioned in the article) resulted into error for ten sikh gurus. Recently, Gurupurab Guru Har Krishan Sahib ji was celebrated on 23rd July. You may like to check those dates again. Or correct us otherwise.

Four Sahibjadas - I thought all of them were under 14!

Kesh and Kachera - The English translations, and details are incomplete. Kesh is unshorn hair on body, not just long hair. Also, I guess Kachera is more than just an underwear.

For Early morning Nitnem, I was advised for
1. Japji Sahib
2. Jaap Sahib
3. Tav Prasad Savvaiye
4. Chaupayee Sahib
5. Anand Sahib
6. Shabad Hazaraiy
4, 5 above are not optional as mentioned!

Harmander Sahib is name for Patna Sahib, Bihar!!! I dont think so

Khalsa panth foundation date is April 13, the Vaisakhi Day.

For Sikh, the only Guru (or as you mentioned book!) is Guru Granth Sahib ji.

Otherwise you should carry out your PATH (NITNEM) everyday. - Didnt get what are you saying in this. Looks like some optional things!

About Amrit Vela, please search, you will get some discussions regarding the timings and siginificance.

Undoubtedly, the articles are great effort from your side. but I am sure, you must have realized that exact English translation is not accurate for lot of Punjabi words, so sometimes they tend to give different meaning altogether.

Do share your knowledge veer ji.

Best Regards.