Embracing Your Own Innate Bravery !

Jan 7, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
[SIZE=+2]Embracing your own innate bravery[/SIZE]

When you walk through life and you feel you are the victim of your own lack of bravery, God is still with you, holding your hands and whispering to you loving words of encouragement and insights. There is nothing that you need to be afraid of, God will lead you from the darkness of your fears to the sunshine of your hopes and dreams.

To be heroic in your own life means to embrace your innermost dreams, hold on fast and fly along in faith that God will lead you in the right direction. It might seem to you at times that dreams are just clouds that evaporate, but I wish to remind you that God always listens to you and wants to fill your life with all the blessings you can receive, and fulfil your dreams, because God loves you so very much.

Dreams and hopes are your best guidelines towards finding your own greatest fulfilment, even if the dreams change and have a journey of their own, they are the proper guidelines towards your own unique journey.

Trust the glory and miracle of your own being, for you are special and most important to God, who loves you most dearly now and forever.

To be truly brave means to feel the immense wealth of divine faith, a union with God's own faith in all the consciousnesses It ever created.

To be truly brave means to stand up for what feels right to you, while feeling a union with God.

To be truly brave means trusting God within, and knowing that you are always held safely in God's tender loving care and you are always supported by God to take the right steps that lead you towards your own greatest fulfilment.

To be truly brave means to feel the fear knowing you ought to do something; embrace God instead of the fear and take the step, take a deep breath and do it, spontaneously and heroically like in the old fairy stories.

Be brave then, be daring and move closer to God, and God will lead you.

Bravery is not a mind power thing. Mind power was created as people moved away from God. Spirit power is many times greater than mind power and has all the power of God's love in it.

True bravery always includes God's assurance that you are doing the right thing, based on love, compassion, and cooperation with all of life.

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