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Ek Onkar -Translation

Aug 29, 2010
Re: ek onkar-Translation

I do feel people are not getting to my point of view for very simple reasons that my views are not being considered with the significance of grammer.
I never refered to the concept of GOD in Gurbaani. In fact I myself had questioned about the concept of GOD in Gurbaani reference.In stead of finding so people change their topic and present again the concept of GOD.
I have always been telling about the concept of SHABADu GUROO JOTi.All my references of SINGULAR or PLURAL are related to GUROO JOTi only. When people themselves relate the word GOD confusion is bound to be there.
As a matter of fact I am not getting the type of interaction as it should be.Sometimes I myself feel as to why this interaction should be done when people are not interested in Gurbaani Grammer at all'
I must give a serious thaught to this.I must interact only with those who firmly believe
that there is certainly a role of Grammer in Gurbaani understanding.Otherwise my whole exercise is just futile.
I must seek your advice on this .I look forward to it
Thanking you,
With regards to all


Aug 18, 2010
World citizen!
Re: ek onkar-Translation

Prakash Ji,
You are right in that grammar is vital. I think there is a concern as without discussion of how the grammar changes our understanding, study of grammar is futile. We appreciate your knowledge. However, if you could relate your interpretation in understanding in addition to the rules we would be grateful.

For example, you have said there is a difference in Ekaankar, Ikonkaar etc but have not explained how this affects the message that Guru Nanak Dev Ji is trying to impart. With each assertion of teh correct grammar, it is important to help the lay person understand why this is important with reference to understanding and just stating the differences does not do this.


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Paraksh S Baggu ji

I have moved some of your replies off forum to the Leaders section.

With folded hands we have asked you in many different ways and on several different threads to move beyond a discussion of grammar.

Most who are following these threads including Japji translaiton, Ek Oankaar Translation, and the Meaning of Sat Nam, understand that grammar is important. But now it is time to return to the original purpose of the threads where you have been posting.

Beyond grammar means to proceed to gurmat vichaar. You are actually preventing threads from progressing and in some cases diverting the discussion from original reasons for the thread. It is essential that grammar be understood. No one is disputing that. It is also essential that threads become places where broader learning occurs .

Learning cannot be limited to the agenda of one member. Learning cannot be cut off from the interests and concerns of everyone else. Please do not thwart and frustrate the purpose of these threads.

I have created one thread in Leaders where all your posts from now on will be moved until we can decide the best way to organize your message, and then publish it.

Thank you
Aug 29, 2010
Divine Greetings
I have taken the note of your posting.I fully appreciate your views and I have also understood the purpose of different threads.
I assure you I will not make my postings unless I am asked for.
With best wishes ,
Thanking you
Aug 29, 2010
Ref Pronunciation of the SYMBOL
If we give proper look into Gurbaani we would find that Nowhere the word ONKAAR has been reffered as EK or IK.We must look at actually has been reffered as IKu in Gurbaani this would help in correct understanding of the Pronunciation of the SYMBOL.
We can look at the problem of Pronunciation of the SYMBOL from the fact that we have been considering NUMERICAL Number as SEPARATE and we have componded the words OUM and KAAR as ONKAAR so we prounounce as EK or IK ONKAAR. If this is So then there is no prblem with the pronunciation as IK or EK ONKAAR'
But the fact from Gurbaani is quite different.So we must look into this.


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