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Opinion Dog Loving Babas Of Juna Akhada Advocate Adoption Of Street Dogs

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Dog loving babas of Juna Akhada advocate adoption of street dogs

By Shailvee Sharda, TNN | Jan 20, 2013, 09.51 PM IST


Dog loving babas of Juna Akhada advocate adoption of street dogsMahant Devendra Puriji from Haridwar with his pet Sheeru

ALLAHABAD: Tyson is an active black Labrador retriever. But what separates him from other dogs in his specie is his company. He is the loving pet of Mahant Prithvi Giri who says, "Tyson is saintly and obedient in nature." The one and a half year old dog is extremely close to the heart of this seer affiliated to the Juna Akhada. "He is not a dog to me... he is darvesh (messenger)," said the seer.

What Tyson is to Mahant Prithivi, 'sheeru' is to Mahant Devendra Puri from Haridwar. "He has been with me for the last six years," he said. Another seer in the juna akhada has infact fut a larger than life picture of a Pomeranian in his camp. The flex hoarding bears the name 'brhamleen mahant shree koteshwar ji maharaj' and the seer says that, this is the picture of his 'guru'.

Many seers in the juna akhada keep dogs as a pet. Juna Akhada, according to literature, was known as the Bhairav Akhara in olden days and its natives worshipped Bhairav, an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Today, their prime deity is Dattratrey, the son of Anusuiya and the head of Saptarishi Sage Atri who embodied the holy Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. By virtue of its property and reputation, it is the third most important akhara.

They revere dogs for a special reason - their official deity Bhagwaan Dattatreya, loved dogs and had tamed four of them. And he is accompanied by four dogs in his figurative symbol. In the words of a seer, 'yeh bin jholi ke fakir hain'. "The dogs represent the four 'Vedas' (Rig, Sama, Yayur and Atharva), the four 'yugas' (Krita, Treta, Dwapara and Kali Yugas), and the four states of the 'word' (Parr or beyond, Pasyanti or perception, Madhyama or conception, Vaikhari or vocal). They also refer to the four states of existence (Existence, awareness, thought and speech or action)," explained mahant Jyotirmaya.

The seers said that people thinking that dog barks aimlessly is a misnomer. "When they bark, they are actually giving a sermon or reciting some Vedic literature. It is due to sheer ignorance, that they consider a dog barking at night as an inauspicious event," said Mahant shri parvatsagar. He stated that people, who believe in sanatan dharma should never beat a dog. "This cruelty amounts to anti-religious activity," he said adding, "pet lovers should think of adopting a street dog."

source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/...ption-of-street-dogs/articleshow/18105629.cms


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
There will be those who have a lot to say against this idea. I do agree that the money spent on dogs can be spent on impoverished and hungry children and elderly people. However, The life of dogs is like the life of people. There are dogs that are sick and rabid terrorizing the streets. And there are dogs who live with the rich and well nourished upper classes. In India there is a big sector who breed and keep pedigreed dogs, including Lhasa Apsas and Alsatans. These dogs are prize winners in the dog-show set. The very poor people starve, the rich get richer and their dogs do very well.

In this world there is enough love and enough food to alleviate hunger and pain, even for dogs, and certainly for people. It is simply a matter of taking a step forward. The Sufi teachers of old were known to rescue dogs and tend to sick dogs. And they were Muslims to whom dogs are unclean.

The way we treat animals is a mirror. That is the way we treat one another.

The baba business about dogs sitting on the dais and giving sermons and all that is ridiculous. May they however take in as many people as dogs for the betterment of all creation.
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