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  1. linzer

    Pardeep Singh Bahra, The Founder Of Singh Street Style To Be First Tubaned Sikh Model For Samsung

    From Facebook of Singh Street Style Pardeep Singh Bahra, the founder of Singh Street Style Feeling blessed as I am now the first turbaned Sikh man to be in a global ad campaign with Samsung. Yes that's right guys, SAMSUNG. Lately iv realised that these opportunities aren't the result of my work...
  2. A

    Movies Ashdoc's Movie Review---The Wolf Of Wall Street

    Thank god I don't play on the stock market..... The kind of greedy selfish and gone case people who are shown to be part of the profession called stock brokers in this film would make a good person quit playing in shares after seeing this film anyway.... The moment Jordan Belfort ( played by...
  3. Archived_Member16

    Opinion Dog Loving Babas Of Juna Akhada Advocate Adoption Of Street Dogs

    Dog loving babas of Juna Akhada advocate adoption of street dogs By Shailvee Sharda, TNN | Jan 20, 2013, 09.51 PM IST Dog loving babas of Juna Akhada advocate adoption of street dogsMahant Devendra Puriji from Haridwar with his pet Sheeru ALLAHABAD: Tyson is an active black Labrador...
  4. namjiwankaur

    Canada Anonymous Wealthy Couple's $30-million Gift To Help Homeless In Vancouver

    As someone who is on disability for mental health issues, I know how big a deal it is to help people with mental health issues have a place to live. ::: ::: ::: ::: ::: Anonymous wealthy couple's $30-million gift to help homeless in Vancouver The couple's donation will allow Taylor...
  5. findingmyway

    Street Smart

    Mandeep Sethi aka SETI X is among a growing global community of Sikh emcees. The 23-year-old California-based rapper has spit his rhymes on stages across the US, Asia, and Europe. But the road for this rapper has not always been easy - Sethi has faced much criticism and judgment as a...
  6. A

    Gurudwara Amr Shah Singh At Jhanda Ram Street, Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan

    Can any one please read the plaque above and translate it for me. I cannot read Gurmukhi and the plaque is in Gurmukhi. It is installed in Gurudwara Amr Shah Singh at Jhanda Ram Street, Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan. Any help would be much appreciated.
  7. Archived_Member16

    Canada Khalsa Diwan Society (Ross Street Sikh Temple), Vancouver, BC-2011 Election Results

    Khalsa Diwan Society ( Ross Street Sikh Temple ), Vancouver, B.C. - 2011 election results from Omni News http://www.omnibc.ca/news/index.php?language=18
  8. R

    Abandoned By Rich Sons, Old Lady Is Rescued From The Street

    PLS HELP TO FIND - ELDEST SON of Mrs. Tara Tulsidas Palicha , age 78yrs, who was Abandoned at Kalyan . According to report the son stays in MIRA ROAD or VASHI . We need to look for Son - HE cant just leave his mother on street . Pls HELP . Source...
  9. K

    UK Sikh Man 'was Beaten Up By Gang In Street'

    A Sikh man told a jury he was beaten up by a group of Muslim-looking men who knocked off his turban and pulled off his necklace and religious pendant. The 25-year-old alleged victim suffered a cut head and other injuries after being hit to the ground and struck with a weapon, possibly a...
  10. spnadmin

    Fiddler In The Next Street

    For most of Harcharan Singh's neighbours in Dugri, he is a timber trader. But catch the 80-year-old in a quite moment and he will reveal a talent that very few around him can compare. Harcharan is a master fiddler, who in his younger days chose to leave the more lucrative family business and...
  11. spnadmin

    USA Preet Bharara Sends A Message To Wall Street About Insider Trading

    Sikh American, Preet Bharara U.S. Attorney Sends a Message to Wall Street Every few days during the trial of Raj Rajaratnam, the Galleon Group’s co-founder, Preet Bharara, the United States attorney for the Southern District of New York, would quietly enter the courtroom and take a seat in...
  12. spnadmin

    Sikh Foundation Street Play In Pakistan Remembers Bhagat Singh

    Reviving the old tradition of Nukar Theatre, the play portrayed Bhagat Singh’s struggle against British imperialism. Written by Davinder Daman and directed by Huma Safdar, the one-hour street play was arranged by Punjab Lok Rahs. The cast included Punjab University Mass Communication...
  13. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    Sikh News Vancouvers Main Street - All Punjabi

    VANCOUVER'S MAIN STREET...100% PUNJABI Darpan Magazine - Reflecting South Asian Lifestyle
  14. S

    General Sikh On The Street

    Sikh On the Street Features interviews with individuals encountered on the streets of Washington, D.C., soliciting opinions on Sikhs and ideas on how to promote diversity and tolerance. The Sikh on the Street on Yahoo! Video
  15. S

    Sikh News Groups Get Into Street Fight After Cars Collide (Indian Express Via Yahoo! India

    After their cars collided with each other at the Fountain Chowk, president of Sikh Student Federation (Mehta), Gurdeep Singh allegedly assaulted Gajinder Pal Singh, a resident of Kichlu Nagar, today evening. The two sides kept on fighting until the police intervened. Later, the parties agreed to...
  16. N

    Sikh News Street Named After Sikh Army Officer (New Straits Times)

    Not only was he the highest ranking Sikh military officer to serve in Sabah, he also has a street named after him. http://us.rd.yahoo.com/dailynews/rss/search/sikh/SIG=12v56eqdb/*http%3A//www.nst.com.my/Current_News/NST/Thursday/National/20050630084016/Article/indexb_html
  17. S

    Paris Fire Victims Leap To Street (washingtonpost.com)

    washingtonpost.com - PARIS, April 15 -- Terrified people jumped to their deaths from windows early Friday as fire gutted a six-story budget hotel in the French capital's premier shopping district. The blaze killed at least 20 people, half of them children, and injured 59, according to police...