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Does the Darbar Sahib, Amritsar Architecture reflect the Sikhi of Guru Nanak?


Jun 6, 2018
about the Sarovar for 1000 people,
Dr. Harjinder singh dilgeer writes that it was made for people to bath before entering the Sanctum because back in 16th century Amritsar was surrounded with jungles and people would get really dusty coming through all the KACHHA paths... so there was a need for them to wash themselves before entering the Sanctum Sectorum to keep it clean...
Which seems to me Faar more logical and realistic approach towards the Sarovar than some explanation given by "Sant samaaj".
Dr Dilgeer even mentions in his book 'SIKH History' the quote below.

The Guru built the SAROVAR mainly to provide water to the new dwellers settling in the new city.Later the brahimns concocted the stories related to this sarovar.


Aug 14, 2019

Last month I visited Darbar Sahib and waiting in the line for two hours to get inside main Darbar (point 11) just made me wonder, did our Guru really built it in this way.

Just go through the map look at the construction Santum (Darbar) marked as 11 built at the center of sarovar which hardly can accommodate 20-30 devotees.

Now look at the sarvoar marked as 12 which is made for 1000 devotees for Holy dip.

Isn't it indicating that Sikhi practiced is Ritualistic(Holy dips, Parikarma ,Matha Tekna to trees, etc) rather than reflection of Nanak Enlightened Philosophy .

I looked for "Sikhi Sikhya Gur Vichar"- (Sikhi is the Learning and reflection of Enlightened Philosophy) but what i found was mystical, esoteric, ritualistic practices.

Its made well, people choose to do what they want. Washing is good for the body and people don’t need to bow to trees obviously.

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