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Divine Knowledge

Mar 11, 2007
How Did Nirankaar ( The Formless God)creat His Sargun Roop(the
Manifested Universe Of Life Forms)and How Does He Provide Sustenance To

Nirankaar Himself Abides In All Life Forms As The Subtle Divine Light
And Brings Creation Into Existence Through Four Categories Of Life

Andaj Jeraj Setaj Keeni
Utbhuj Khan Bahur Rach Deeni (chaupaiee Patsahee 10)
To Support And Sustain His Own Manifested Creation,god Has Created
Air,water And Fire In The Universe And Maintains Their Right Proportion
For The Upkeep Of All Four Types Of Life Forms And None Is Ever In Want.
The Excess Elements In The Nebula Are Stored As Water In The Ocean,
Fire In The Shape Of Oil And Gases Under The Earth And Air In The
Sky.thereafter, These Material Elements Are Used As Needed.

Four Survival,one Life Form Has Been Made Food For The
Other.vegetation, He Produces, Also Serves As Food For The Creatures
And Lord Protects His Creation Through His Divine Power.always And
Every Where He Sustains Them Through His Grace And Compasion.

Deenan Ki Pritpaal Karai Nit Sant Ubaar
Ganeeman Garaai
Pachchh Pasu Nag Naag Naradhip Sarab Samey
Sab Ko Pritpaarai
Pokhat Hai Jal Mai Thal Mai Pal Mai Kal
Ke Nahin Karam Bichaarai
Deen Daeaal Daeea Nidh Dokhan Dekhat
Hai Par Det Nan Haraai (swayas Patshahee 10)

To Fulfill The Needs Of The Various Life Forms On The Earth Planet,a
Necessary Contact Has Been Established With The Other Cosmic Bodies
Like The Moon And The Sun.the Whole Universe Runs Under His
Command.when He Wishes To End The Cosmic Play And Be All By Himself
Again, All The Life Forming Elements Disappear Into Their Original
Essence And This Leads Back To A Nebulous State.



Nov 16, 2006
Waheguru Ji Ka Khasla Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,
Saint Ji , This Blessed knowledge has no material value. Please Continue To contribute to this site we so greatly apperciate you following our Guru's Hukam; "Sant Pyareo Akath Ki Kare Kahani, Kerre Kahani Akath Keri Kit Dware Paiye"

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