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Divine Knowledge

Mar 11, 2007
How Did The Universe Manifest In Its Visible From ?

In The 30th Stanza Of Japuji Sahib Guru Nanak Explaines:

Eka Maa-ee Jugat Viaaee Tin Chele Parvaan
Ek Sansaaree Ik Bhandaaree Ik Laae Deebaan
Jiv Tis Bhaavai Tivai Chalaavai Jiv Hoveai
Oh Vekhai Ohnaa Nadar Na Aawai Bahutaa
Eh Vidaan
Aades Tisai Addes Aad Aneel Anaad
Anaahat Jug Jug Eko Ves (page 07)

Maya(the Material Phenomene Of Three Gunas.also Called Kaal)was
Directed By Creator To Demarcate An Area Within The Sach-khand(realm
Of Truth)where The Visible Universe Would Become Mainfested The Upper
Region Of This Demarcated Area Was Named The Akaash(sky)and The Lower
One As Pataal (the Nether Region)from The Nebula That Existed Between
These Two Points Material Elements Of Air,waterand Fire Were Created
As Needed.the Creator Ordained These Three Elements To Be Stored At
Different Place. Thus These Three Material Elements Became Three
Divine Powers.maya Presented These Three To The Creator For
Approval.the Creator Approved These As His Sargun Roop(manifested
Form) And Ordained That God Himself Will Direct The Manifested
Universe As Per His Will.maya And The Elements Reverently Accepted
The Creator's Command.the Divine Light Pervaded These Elements And
These Were Stringed And Inter-connected Through The Vital Air.after
This,for The Various Life Forms That Were To Be Created On This
Earth,maya Created Four Regions-dharam Khand, Gyaan Khand, Saram
Khand And Karam Khand(the Realm Of Righteousness,the Realm Of
Knowledge,the Realm Of Endeavor And The Realm Of Grace).the Three
Divine Powers Stemming Out Of The Elements Of Air,waterand Fire
Mentioned Above Were Named Brahma,vishnu And Mahesh.they Were
Assigned The Functions Of Creation, Preservation And Destruction
Respectively.as Per The Divine Ordinance,an Assigned Quantity Of
Air,water And Fire From The Nebula Was Commissioned Into The
Formation Of The Earth In Combination With The Material Elements Of
Akaash(sky,ether)and Pataal (the Nether Region)this Combination
Assumed A Huge Shape That Was Named The Earth(dharamsaal-a Temporary
Abode For All Life Forms). As Travelers Come To An Inn&leave, So Will
The Various Life From Come And Depart From This Earth.the Divine Plan
Used For Creation Of The Material Elements And The Earth Was Also
Used For The Creation Of The Four Categories Of Life Forms And Thus
Started The Life Cycle.about This Guru Nanak In Japuji Sahib Says:

Raatee Rutee Thittee Vaar
Pavan Paani Agnee Paatal
Tis Vich Dhartee Thaap Rakhee Dharamsaal
Tis Vich Jeea Jugat Ke Rang
Tin Ke Neem Anek Anant (page 07)

Thus Having Created 8.4million Life Forms The Creator Himself
Manifested In It As The Invisible Transcendental Essence.


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