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Disadvantages Of Eating Meat

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Randip Singh

May 25, 2005
United Kingdom
why is it that meat eaters are always so defensive of vegetarians and call them brahmins!
Why....because if you analyse the history of Sikhism you will see for yourself where this debate started. There was no debate at the time of the Guru's. Infact this only started in the late 19th Century when large number of Hindu's (influenced by Vaishnavism) joined Sikhism.

You should know this.

we are trying to help u meat eaters from the goodness of our heart, what are u doijg for us?
No what you are doing is imposing your will. You are trying to state that those who walk a different path from yours is wrong. That is Hankaar.

trying to corrupt our spirituaity and chances of merging with Waheguru?
You mean impose your version of Sikhism as you see it.......that is not spirituality.

we're doing seva, we have nothing to lose, u have everything to lose, if u turn out to be wrong, this will hang over ur head for many more lifetimes.
On the contrary.........if you are using Egotism and Stubborness to propagate falsehood this will hang over your head for eternity and your chances of being a Gurmukh will be NIL.

In anycase Sikhism does not operate on fear as you are implying.

if we are wrong, it wont make a difference! lol, i really hope all u who argue against this know what ur doing because ur potentially false words may effect MANY people and their chances of salvation.......
It has been demostrated time and again that meat is a non-issue for Sikhs............however, stobborness and Egotism prevents some vegetarians from accepting that and still forcing their view on the majority.

The creation of a climate of fear combined with Hankaar and Krodh will ensure that the status of Gurmukh will never be reached.

A butcher like Sadana ............. a worker with skinning animals like Ravi Das ............and meat eaters like Sheikh Farid.........reached the status of Gurmukh......so who are you to say otherwise.............again pure Egotism on your part.

Study Bani and History before replying.
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