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Can anyone clear this? dyan kis tarah lagayia (How to Meditate?). I am listening to Maskeen ji's Katha. I really want to know if he has talked about how to meditate while doing your daily recital of banies and recital of Naam. Does anyone know anything. I need to resolve this issue.
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I have been watching maskeen ji's katha and i really want to know dyan kis tarah lagayia, in path or naam japana.

Gyani Jarnail Singh

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Dhyaan is Concentration..and Kis tarahn lagiyah..is How to achieve concentration..on NAAM...
This DHYAAN Lagnna is one difficult step...as we have to "look away" from MAYA..and "look toward" Waheguru....while living in Maya...
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Dear Veer jee,
Dhyann laganna is just the concentration of your thoughts. Try to move away from the wordly thoughts of Maya and other Panch Chorrs and try to concentrate on HIS doings. What HE is doing for you.Thanks HIM. Praise HIM. This is what is Dhyaan..............Naam............Simran; you can give any name. Live your wordly lives by always thanking HIM. Usdee yaad which rehka jindgi da har kum kaj karna hai.