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Devinder Pal Singh - Waheguru Sings Through Me


Jun 1, 2004
He might have lost the Indian Idol title to a fellow Punjabi, Vipul Mehta, who hailed from Amritsar, Devenderpal Singh says “I am satisfied with the results, for this is what my Rab, my God had destined for me”.

“It was during the piano round that Asha Bhonsle had told me that legendary Lata Mangeshkar appreciated my singing and she followed my performances all along. I was a winner on this very day and never wanted any thing more. This was the best moment for me during the entire competition,” said Singh, talking over the phone from Mumbai. He wrapped up the finals on Saturday evening.

On his worst performance, he said, “None of my performances were or can ever be bad because whenever I step onto the stage or am behind a mike, it is not me but my God who sings through me, and how can God sing badly? So for me, each performance of mine was very good. Honestly, it is not me who is singing, it is this divine force that sings through me.”

A devout Sikh and an ardent follower of Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal, Singh is clear that “before I make a career for myself in playback singing, which has always been my dream, I want to first clear my 12th grade”. “I am dying to come back to Ludhiana, my

home town, which I have missed so much during this time. I simply want to run away from Mumbai for now. I am coming home on Monday,” he said.

Choosing Bollywood singing over classical singing that is his forte is also something that this young boy is clear about. “Though God will decide my destiny and my career, Bollywood singing is my calling for now as it is this line which offers a singer all kinds of opportunities. I can sing sufi, classical, all kinds of songs here.”

Any offers? “None so far. We have just finished Indian Idol, and let’s see where God takes us from here,” he added.

On not clinching the title, he said, “I am just a little disappointed for my family, my gurus and all those people who had voted for me. My family has told me how people back in Ludhiana and even in other parts of Punjab had voted for me, and I am very thankful to them. I am just a little sad for having disappointed them.”

“There are many cases where those who have not won the titles have gone ahead to make good careers for themselves. The whole world has just opened up for me and very soon I will be in Mumbai,” said a confident Singh.


Jun 12, 2010
Re: Devinder Pal Singh - God Sings Through Me

For us HE IS A WINNER, HE HAD WON OUR HEARTS THAT 'S ABOVE THEN ANY TITLE. Cute face big heart I love him so much and wish him very best in his journey. When ever I see his face its like a WINNERS'S FACE. MAY Waheguru bless cute baccha.
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