Canada Deported Ex-Sikh Militant-Lawyer’s Appeal To Return Rejected


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
TORONTO – A former Sikh militant turned lawyer who was deported from Canada has lost his appeal to return, which is becoming a familiar refrain under the anti-immigrant Tories.

Canadian court has dismissed the plea of Parminder Singh Saini to return to Canada after he was ordered to be deported to India for leading a team of militants in the 1984 hijacking of an Indian aircraft to Pakistan with 225 passengers.

The 48-year-old Saini reformed himself after entering Canada illegally and even obtained a law degree to become a lawyer when under Conservatives minority rule he was deemed a threat to national security, a familiar excuse being used by western governments to get rid of non-white, largely Muslim and Arab immigrants.

The application of Saini, 48, was dismissed by a federal court judge on February 9.

Saini, who formerly lived in Brampton, was deported to India in January 2010. A motion to allow him to return to Canada was filed on February 3.

He was a member of the All-India Sikh Students Federation, an organisation deemed a terrorist group in Canada. Armed with a handgun, he led four militants in hijacking the aircraft that was on way to Delhi from Srinagar.

The aircraft was flown to Lahore in a drama that ended after a 17-hour standoff, with the hijackers surrendering to Pakistani authorities.